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For almost two decades, Courtney Quinlan has been spreading love throughout the Heartland, helping singles from all walks of life find their perfect partner. In addition to Courtney’s dating services that help people meet singles that are compatible, her team also offers sensible dating advice and coaching, helping one navigate the complexities of building and maintaining a healthy, fulfilling relationship.

Our matchmakers offer a one-of-a-kind approach and process that makes us stand out and find people genuine love and companionship, which is why we have been named the Best Matchmaking Service 9 years in a row.

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Our talented team of matchmakers are the most experienced in the region. We have introduced thousands of singles to their partner and given dating advice to help them build a strong and lasting relationship.

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Midwest Matchmaking has changed the lives of many singles seeking to find the right person with a unique combination of services.

  • Matchmaking

    Matchmaking stands as our flagship service, dedicated to uniting singles in the Midwest. For over the past 15 years, we've proudly orchestrated connections for hundreds of individuals in their pursuit of love. Our approach to dating is deeply personalized, meticulously pairing two exceptionally compatible singles, each subject to our rigorous screening and vetting processes.

    To ensure that our matchmaking services are within reach for all who seek the convenience and assurance that dating apps can't offer, we provide a range of membership options. This diverse selection guarantees accessibility, making our matchmaking expertise available to a broad spectrum of individuals.

  • Date Coaching

    Our dating coaching service is meticulously crafted to support singles across the Midwest as they navigate the intricacies of the dating journey. Every piece of guidance offered by our team of professional Matchmaking Coaches is tailored to address the unique needs of each exclusive member, ensuring their immediate requirements are met with precision and care.

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  • Singles Events

    From speed dating events to mingle moments, our Midwest Matchmaking events are custom-tailored to assist singles in their dating journey. Experience the sophisticated atmosphere our Midwest Matchmakers have mastered, and secure your spot to meet singles in your area today!

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The Midwest Matchmaking dating service is headquartered in America's Heartland, Omaha, Nebraska, but we serve singles throughout the entire region. Our dating coaches work with busy professionals in the cities, as well as those living in farming or rural communities.

Latest testimonials

"Jeremy and I were two busy, professional people, “looking for love” without the actual time to look for love. Enter Midwest Matchmaking to the rescue! When you get to a certain stage in your life and/or want to begin a more serious pursuit of finding happiness in the form of a soul mate, we cannot adequately express how amazing it is to have the incredible team at MM in your corner. They truly put in the hard work that you simply don’t have the time to do. They enable you to focus your energy into your true goals. In these modern times of online dating and instant gratification, it can be so daunting trying to find a real connection when deep down you know that you are just one in a long list of hastily “swiped rights”. Our MM Team took the time to get to really know each of us separately …. who we are, what we want, what we believe in, what we dream of and, most importantly, what we are looking for in a lasting, loving relationship. MM got to know us each so well that when they put our profiles together… they just knew. These two are right for each other! These two will be the next in a long line of MM success stories! They were right. On March 31st, we will stand up before God, our friends, and family to say “I do” and all because not so long ago we each decided to take finding love to the next level and leave it to professional matchmakers. We said “I do” to Midwest Matchmaking. And we hope you do too. It was the best decision I’ve made, other than saying yes to being Jeremy’s wife. "

Jeremy + Emi, Married April 2023

"I was in my last semester of my grad school program when I signed up for Midwest Matchmaking. I liked that everyone on the service was obviously serious about meeting someone and that a lot of the awkwardness of the “talking” phase was taken out with the way the service works. I went on a number of first and even some second dates, and while they were all good dates and had what I was looking for on paper, I just didn’t click with any of them. Fast forward about 6 months and I was working a new job and it was the height of the COVID pandemic. I was feeling a little frustrated and overwhelmed and wanted to pause my membership, my matchmaker and I had a good long conversation and she convinced me to go on one last date before I did that. And, as they say, the rest is history- Kevin was the last first date I’ll ever go on! I remember calling one of my good friends after leaving and telling her he was the first date I had been on that had been worth the time of putting on my fake eyelashes on! We stayed way later in that bar that either of us intended and didn’t want to leave. We quickly made plans for a second date and now, a little over two years later, are happily engaged and our wedding day is fast approaching. I had given up on finding a partner like Kevin, and I probably would have never met him if it wasn’t for Midwest Matchmaking. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to trust the matchmakers to help me find the best partner and I can’t wait to be married to him!"

Laura + Kevin, Married 2023

"When I decided to sign up for Midwest Matchmaking, it was on a whim. I was asked to "invest in myself" and I thought, "Sure, I could try that for a change." Of course that doesn't mean I was an easy customer! I had gone on what felt like an incalculable amount of terrible first dates with online dating, and even though I had signed up for the service, I wasn't really sure I could put myself though it. I was frustrated, tired, and disillusioned. Alison was so kind to me. She was patient, she listened, and she spent time getting to know me and what I wanted in a relationship. When she first told me about Z she said "Either you two will hit it off fantastically or you'll end up best friends." It turns out we did both. Z was someone I would have never found on my own, but I am so grateful to have been led to him. When something terrible or wonderful happens in my life, he's the person I want to tell. We are a team and my life is better for having him in it. I've found happiness and contentment, which is more than I expected out of a dating service. While it wasn't always easy or comfortable, I remain glad for the investment I made. Thank you, Alison, for pushing me to value a part of my life that I was ready to just dismiss. "

J + Z, Married 2022

"Starting to date after being divorced for 16 years was intimidating. The on-line sites were both a joke and scary at the same time. I decided to try Omaha Love (now Midwest Matchmaking). I met with Courtney for our one-on-one. She listened to my list of "must haves" and "deal breakers". They have two big bonuses with their service. One is they take professional photos. You know the picture of your potential date is current and is actually that person and not a "catfish". The second, and for me extremely important, is they do criminal background checks. I felt safer meeting men knowing they had been vetted. Dan and I both had listed a strong faith as our number one quality for a match. On our first date Dan reached for my hand and prayed over our meal and for our meeting. After our second date we both contacted our matchmaker to pause any other potential dates. We both knew we had found the one with whom we would spend the rest of our lives. We have been married 3 months now and are very grateful to Courtney and the rest of the staff at Midwest Matchmakers. "

Dan and Susan, Married 2022

"​​Vincent and I met in the summer of 2018. I remember with that initial phone call feeling a strong connection with him. Our lives have never been the same since we met and it was truly love at first sight! We were both single parents coming from places in our lives where we were ready for each other, and Midwest Matchmaking just did the rest for us! We got married on our 4 year anniversary this past summer and had an amazing honeymoon. We really can't thank you enough and will always be grateful to you! "

Vincent + Sharri, Married 2022

"I never pictured myself becoming involved with any sort of dating service. But, on a dare I decided to take a chance to see where it lead me. My experience with Courtney took me down a path I never would have expected... true love. To anyone who may be skeptical about dating, take a leap of faith, be brave, dare yourself to add a little excitement to your life. You will not be disappointed. Go for it, and good luck!"

Catrina + Greg, Married 2015

"The team at Midwest Matchmaking is very professional, patient, and spot-on with matchmaking. I was new to town from Florida, and they guided, encouraged, and coached me on dating in the Midwest. Eventually, I met my very perfect match. We are two peas in a pod, and we are the happiest we ever have been. Midwest Matchmaking is the real DREAM team. You have nothing to lose, except for meeting your potential life-long partner."

Carolina + Ryan, Married 2013

"Courtney is great! And, yes, matchmaking does work! I met Paul through Courtney in February 2018. Even though we lived over 3 hours apart -- we met through Courtney, created a loving relationship, and are planning a bright and exciting future together. I would never have met Paul without Courtney’s matchmaking efforts. Just follow Courtney’s recommendations – which may take you outside of your comfort zone (in a safe and sane way). Going through Courtney, you have assurances that the people you meet are vetted and "real" (no scammers!). Thanks for everything! Because of you we each have an exciting and new chapter in our lives!"

Bev + Paul, Married 2019

"From being a prospect to a client, Courtney has always been very responsive, helpful, understanding and extremely friendly. Her process to vet people is solid and confidential, which made me comfortable. I'm confident in sharing information, and knowing that who I'm being introduced to has been verified as well. Dating again was hard, no doubt. I'm so glad I chose to work with Courtney and team. If I had to do it all over, I would have talked with her sooner."

Dave, 55 Omaha

"I am a co-founder of The Matchmakers Alliance, the matchmaking industry's largest not for profit industry organization, and I cannot recommend the matchmakers at Midwest Matchmaking highly enough! Courtney Quinlan and her team are extremely hardworking and ethical as well as highly professional. They understand what it takes to do an exceptional job for their clients and truly celebrate each successful match. Their hearts are definitely in the right place - they are passionate about their work and care deeply about their clients. As someone who knows and collaborates with hundreds of matchmakers all over the US and abroad, I feel confident recommending Midwest Matchmaking. This is a well-run highly ethical company with skillful matchmakers who care about their clients. "

Michelle Jacoby, Matchmaker and Dating Coach

"Brittani and I were both new to the area and had no idea where to begin looking for dates. Brittani was working nights, and I was an older than average college student so prospects and opportunities were limited. I saw a billboard several times and finally decided to give it a try. It was nice since everyone using the service was serious about dating or finding that someone. The intent of the other person was already known. Fortunately, Brittani was on there. On our first date, neither of us wanted to be there because we were tired from our busy schedules, but it turned out great. We talked for hours and everything felt very comfortable. She was willing to come to Lincoln for our second date and at that moment, I knew she was someone I wanted to get serious with. Our personalities really complimented each other. We always had the best times when we'd spend time together. We are now engaged and could not be happier. "

Brittany + Jeremy, Married 2019

"I had a great experience. I met accomplished, interesting and attractive women my age. Because you have to make an investment and actually meet the staff personally you know your matches are genuine, are who they say they are, and interested in getting to know you. I was just married to an accomplished, beautiful woman that I met through Midwest Matchmaking. Lisa in particular was great to work with."

Patrick + Terri, Married 2019

"I am HAPPY to inform you that Rebecca and I were married this past Saturday, January 5th and we would like to THANK YOU for bringing us together. I really didn’t think this would happen again, at least not this soon, but everything seemed so right from the time we met. Your bringing us together has made me the happiest man in the world. I had forgotten how to be happy. Again, Thank You."

Rebecca + William, Married 2019

"I joined Midwest Matchmaking in June 2012. I had used the "traditional" dating websites and was tired of meeting people who were looking for a good time and not a solid relationship. I truly wanted to find someone with the same goals and hopes for the future; someone who was looking for a long-term commitment. It was important to me that I met someone who had children like I do. I met with Courtney, and right away she was confident she would find my perfect match. However, after going on a few dates, I was ready to take a break. Courtney was persistent and convinced me to go on another, and that is when I met the love of my life. Nathan and I have been together since November 2012. We are very committed and our relationship continues to grow daily. I have never laughed, smiled, and enjoyed life as much as I do since meeting Nathan. I thank Courtney for helping me find my perfect match. She was professional and realistic with the matchmaking process. This is a wonderful dating service that I would recommend to anyone looking for a long-term relationship!"

Amy + Nathan, Married December 2018

"Midwest Matchmaking helped me identify a few areas to improve to my dating behavior, and it made all the difference. Midwest Matchmaking was great to work with during this process as they are very understanding of your expectations. Best of all, I found a great woman!!"

Kyle + Julie, Married June 2018

"My experience couldn't have gone better! I just bought Hannah a ring! We are going to be married in October!!!! Signing up for Midwest Matchmaking was one of the best things I ever did! I'm telling every single person I know about Midwest Matchmaking! What a great experience it was - sooo much better than online dating! Thank you SO much!!!"

Dylan + Hannah, Married October 2017

"I interned at Omaha Love in the fall of 2012. Little did I know that I would get more than a great internship. Matchmaking must naturally be in Courtney and Alison’s blood because unknowingly they hired two interns that matched perfectly together. Andrew interned at Omaha Love before me, and immediately I thought he was adorable. After months of being friends and working together, we started dating. We have been dating now for about a year and a half. We couldn’t be happier and it’s all because Courtney and Alison are able to see a perfect fit. I am glad I took the time to apply for Omaha Love, and I am thrilled that I was given the opportunity to work for a great company. I am also thankful that they are so good at their jobs. If they weren’t, then I wouldn’t have met the love of my life. - Brittany In 2012, I interned at Omaha Love. I was hoping to obtain some business experience, but what I got in the end was life-changing. After watching Alison and Courtney pair many happy couples together, I joked about her pairing me with someone. About 2 months of working there, Courtney made a joke about hiring a cute new intern for me. And...there she was. All it took was a smile, hand shake, an introduction, and I was in love. I will never forget that look she had in her eyes when we met. It was as if we both knew was meant to come. I wasn't a believer in love at first sight, but after meeting Brittany, everything in my life changed. Thank you, Omaha Love, for helping me find my best friend and the love of my life. - Andrew "

Andrew + Brittany, Married 2017

"Omaha Love (now Midwest Matchmaking) was a perfect fit for me, as I was never very good at online dating and flirting via email. My matchmaker was like having a friend I trusted to set me up on a date. Omaha Love helped me find matches, told me when they thought someone was a good fit (or not), and would remind me to check my profile when I had new matches. Then, at the end of my membership, I got matched up with Peter, and it was his very first match. On our first date (the day after Valentine's Day) we immediately started talking like old friends, and it took the bartender coming over three times before we even ordered a drink. The romance happened from there and he was everything I had been looking for. It's been three years since our first date and we are now married, bought a house, and just found out we're having twins! All that is possible because of Omaha Love. "

Christian + Peter, Married 2016

"At the time I met Laura, I was just looking for someone serious about a relationship. Many of the online venues presented women who were not serious about dating, or they had ulterior motives. When I met Laura, not only did we click immediately, I could also tell she was looking for the same thing as I: a soulmate. No games, no pressure, just tell me what's on your heart and I will tell you what's on mine. Not sure how Omaha Love did it, but I'm very thankful they put us together! - Jeff I can't thank you enough for what you guys do. We have fallen completely in love with each other and things are going very well at this point. He is an amazing person, and I never would have met him if it wasn't for your organization. I think you truly have the best job in the world...Helping people find their soulmates! - Laura "

Jeff + Laura, Married 2017

"I would like to thank Courtney Quinlan and her team for helping me find the most wonderful girl, who later became my wife. They are unlike any other Nebraska dating service. They personally introduce you to women they think you might be interested in, and you are also able to request dates from their list of profiles. I am sure there are other men like me who find it hard to initiate dates with women they find attractive. I would definitely recommend their service to anyone looking for a relationship. - Frank Frank and I married on March 28th, 2015. We had planned a small wedding for May 16th, but his house burned to the ground and he literally lost everything on March 18th. We decided to move him into my house until he was able to rebuild his. We are leaving on May 17th for a two-week honeymoon in Cape Coral, Florida. We have a condo on the beach and are both are so ready to relax and enjoy!!! Needless to say, we both have had some bumps in the road of life, but right now we are happy to have each other. We look forward to building a new home together over the next several months and hopefully be able to settle into some kind of normal. Between us, we have 12 grandchildren under 10 years-old who all live close by. So, to have alone time as newlyweds is tricky!!! We have all kinds of plans to make the rest of our lives the best they can be!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank you to Omaha Love for bringing us all together!!! - Debbie "

Frank + Debbie, Married 2015

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