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Rejected? It Isn’t the End of the World. Here’s Why!

23 Aug 2018

As professional matchmakers, we feel rejection, when truly approached with an open mind, can benefit all parties. The key is all about perspective, and at Midwest Matchmaking, we coach our clients to always look at the positive side of rejection and here’s why;

Rejection firmly closes one door and opens the gates to other opportunities that are more aligned with what is desired.

The reality is, those who have unrealistic expectations often deliver rejection. That said, it’s safe to say there are no stupid seekers of love and relationships when it comes to dating. What this means is, there are those who are serious about settling down (we absolutely love these kinds), there are those who wish to fish the ponds of the Des Moines dating world looking for that one “perfect” person, and there are those that land in the middle who want to meet others and may or may not know what exactly they are looking for.

Why rejection stings more than it should especially in the dating journey

Everyone at some point wants to find that particular person who can love and accept them for who we are. Also, most Des Moines singles are seeking a genuine connection that could result in true love.

We all crave to be liked, adored, and understood even with our quirks and one-of-a-kind personalities. In the dating realm and all aspects of relationships, it’s natural for rejection to sting a bit more than it should. And, we know as Des Moines dating matchmakers, it can feel downright yucky at times to hear, “I’m not that into you.” Especially after you opened yourself and your heart completely to someone.

Hearing the truth can for sure make the heart sink. We recommend not taking the rejection personally and, instead, realize that for the person delivering the news, the spark isn’t there.

How to transform rejection to strength

As professional dating coaches, our recommendation is to feel the sting, but only temporarily. Look at the situation objectively, turn inward, and realize that the rejection has very little to do with you and is more the other person.

If you wish to get a bit woo- we’ve learned with many dating clients that rejection can often be the clear sign from the Universe that our client is meant to keep looking. Let us explain.

We’re not meant to be everyone’s “cup of tea”

While everyone you meet in local single’s world should see the wonderfulness that encompasses you and all that you are, the fact is, sometimes we are not another’s “cup of tea” and, if we’re 100% honest, you’re not meant to be.

No matter how much you try to force a relationship or convince another human being that you are amazing, sometimes, things just don’t “click.” Of course, there are strategies we can try to improve our inherent likeability, but in the long run, no one should change simply to gain the acceptance of another.

We strongly encourage you to be who you are so that special someone can and fall in love with YOU; not a façade or temporary aspects of personalities that in the long run are not who you are to the core.

The Midwest Matchmaking way: While many Des Moines dating matchmakers are focused on numbers and hitting a quota of dates scheduled for the month, we are focused on quality, and would never counsel you to change yourself drastically to fit another’s ideal.

How a professional matchmaker can help reduce rejection

When it comes to relationships, a reputable professional matchmaking service will want to find connections that allow you to be your best you. We take the time to get to know you and your preferences, discuss values, listen to your hopes and dreams and in doing so, can typically come very close to finding well suited, Des Moines singles who could realistically develop long-lasting relationships.

If you are on the stinging end of being rejected, our best advice would be to consider this an excellent opportunity to learn more about yourself and to continue working together with your relationship coach to find that perfect match. The key is never to give up and keep your heart open to all the possibilities that lie ahead.

Should you find yourself “ghosted” or dumped in a relationship, chalk it up to, “it was meant to be” and the possibility that the fact that you didn’t “click” may have saved you from a lot of time and frustration trying to make the pieces fit where they simply never could. It’s better to eliminate those relationships early on so you can focus on finding someone who does share that spark of compatibility you are looking for.

Midwest Matchmaking can help you move past rejection and into a love connection.

If you’ve been on the receiving end of rejection, let our professional dating matchmaker coaches help you find someone who is your perfect cup of tea. Ready to heat things up, call us at (833) 4MW-LOVE.