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How The Law Of Attraction Will Get You Better Dates

03 Oct 2018

Here at Midwest Matchmaking, our local matchmakers are drawn to the concept of the Law of Attraction because of its potential for results, not only in your life, but in your dating life as well. Here, our dating experts have many tricks up their sleeves when considering who to match our clients with, and this method is one of them!

Below, taken from the website (, here are 10 ways in which you can use this powerful spiritual tool to aid in your search for Mr. or Mrs. Right.

1. Midwest Matchmakers Recommend Developing A Positive Attitude To Love

It’s so easy to be held back by negative, limiting beliefs about manifesting love. While you might think you’re sufficiently positive if you’re aware that you yearn for romance and daydream about being with that special someone, it pays to take a critical look at your underlying assumptions.

Perhaps painful Midwest dating experiences have left you worrying that love can’t last, or you have niggling doubts about actively pursuing a partner because “finding your soul mate should happen naturally.” In either case, you’re holding limiting beliefs that stop you from using your full power to attract a mate.

To develop a positive attitude about dating in the Midwest, try spending at least half an hour writing out a list of negative assumptions you might be making about love. For each belief, write down a challenge, and focus on that challenge.

For example “Relationships are always painful in the end” becomes “When I meet the right person, my relationship will be satisfying and joyful.”

2. Learn To Love Yourself

While it might sound like a cliché, our team of local matchmakers in the Midwest believe it is crucial to have a positive attitude towards yourself if you’re going to use the Law of Attraction as an effective tool in your love life to create a Midwest love connection. Basically, being down on yourself prevents you from sending out the right signals about what you want from other people, and it also encourages others to view you in a negative light.

As with negative beliefs about love, the key to correcting the harmful beliefs you have about yourself is to really dig deep into your memories and your past, identifying exactly what these beliefs are and working out where they came from. As you make a list of these assumptions, write down their origins and a replacement belief that is more positive and productive.

For example “I’m not attractive enough to deserve a great lover” could be marked as something you believe because of someone who bullied you at school, and a challenge could be “Many friends and acquaintances make positive comments about my appearance” (or even “Everyone is attractive enough to deserve a great lover.”)

3. Take Something Good From Every Date

Of course, not every date is going to leave you feeling elated and fantasizing about spending the rest of your life with the other person. However, if you ensure that you take something good from every date, you maintain a positive attitude towards dating more broadly—and you learn useful things that bring you another step closer to the right relationship.

When you’re on a date, try to exist purely in the present moment—this “mindful dating” approach helps you be more open to possibilities, and boosts your chances of enjoying yourself. Meanwhile, once the date is over, figure out at least one productive lesson that you’ve learned.

4. Let Relationships Evolve Naturally

As noted above, there’s nothing wrong with seeing romance as something that requires effort and energy (rather than sitting back and waiting for someone great to arrive on your doorstep).

However, you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you let your mind leap ahead, creating a negative narrative that may never come to pass. If you think about it, such dread is actually a form of creative visualization—according to our local matchmakers, you’re reducing your chances of finding love if you spend all your time imagining your date won’t text back or didn’t find your company enjoyable. Stay focused on your other pursuits and on any positive feelings you have about the developing relationship, and just let it all unfold.

5. Visualize Every Day

Speaking of creative visualization, make sure you spend at least 10-15 minutes a day imagining the relationship context that you want to be in. Using the full force of your imagination, build up every detail of how it feels to be loved and cherished, and try to take this feeling wherever you go—this is part of “living in the knowing” (a  technique involving acting as though you already have what you need).

Further, remember that visualizations are more powerful when they involve all senses—imagine the touch, taste, smell and sounds of your ideal partner.

6. Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Thinking outside the box is a fantastic way to increase your chances of success in the Midwest dating world. While this is a common piece of advice, it is especially likely to be successful when combined with the positive attitude and eagerness to learn discussed above.

Know that you can and will find the right person for you, and be playful and curious when it comes to new approaches (e.g. online dating, local matchmaking services speed dating, or being set up with a friend-of-a-friend).

7. Make A Dream, or Vision Board

This is one of the 6 Physical Steps to attracting love, things you can do right NOW.

If you’re a single in the Midwest, and have been learning about the Law of Attraction for a while, you’re probably already familiar with dream boards—and you should definitely make one about your dating life!

Fill it with images that represent what you want in dating (whether they’re your photographs or clippings from magazines), and put it in a prominent location. Feel free to include words that resonate with you as well.

8. Let Your True Self Shine

Professional matchmaking experts tend stress the importance of authenticity—if you’re not living life as the person you really are, you’re inhibiting your ability to attract what you really want. When it comes to dating local singles, the message here is that you should be honest and forthright about your personality, passions and interests.

9. Design Dating Affirmations

Another staple Law of Attraction technique our Midwest matchmakers use are affirmations. These can work wonders for your confidence and help you tune into your belief that you can achieve your goals. For example, try saying “Whatever the outcome, I’m going to have a great time” into the mirror before meeting your date, or saying “I’m excited, happy and ready to meet my match” every morning—you never know who you might meet!

10. Be Open To Surprise

Finally, try not to make snap judgments about dating singles. They might look the part yet be boring underneath, or they may appear a bit scruffy and yet conceal the wicked sense of humor you’ve been waiting for.

While it’s great to have a clear idea of your wants and needs in a relationship, it’s equally important not to rule people out without giving them a chance. Trust that the universe is sending the right people your way, whether for learning or for lifelong love!

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