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5 Ways to a Successful Midwest Matchmaking Date

29 Nov 2018

Here at Midwest Matchmaking, our Des Moines matchmakers have spent decades gathering feedback from our clients and seeing what works and what doesn’t, which clients proceed on to future dates with the same person, and which ones can’t get past a first date.

The good news here, is that dating in Des Moines doesn’t have to be frustrating or challenging. With a professional perspective, our knowledge and extensive experience watching how singles fail and how they achieve relationship success, we will walk you through how to nail a first date, and beyond.

What do our Midwest Matchmaking Cupids have to say about making the best of dating in Des Moines?

1.  First impressions count!

Men, this starts with the first phone call, which starts with calling the woman you’re meeting (not texting!) and confirming the date verbally at least the day before, and deferring to her on the details that she will feel the most comfortable with. Make sure to ask her if she would prefer drinks or dinner. Ask her which location or neighborhood she would prefer to meet, and don’t be afraid to drive a little further her direction. Chivalry is NOT dead.

Ladies, make sure to call or text your date back within a reasonable period of time. Do not wait 2-3 days to return his calls, especially if date details need be scheduled and he needs to hear back from you. Be courteous, appreciative, and compromise. How would you feel if someone you were dating in Des Moines took 3 days to return your call? It would damper the excitement of that date, wouldn’t it? Treat your date how you would want to be treated (the Golden Rule).

2.   Show up…on time, if not 15 minute early.

There is nothing that ruins a first impression more than being late and making your date wait for you, wondering secretly if you’re going to show up at all. Not only does that heighten the anxiety of the person waiting and creates unnecessary stress , but it will also create a tension on the date before it even gets started. Our Des Moines matchmakers recommend giving yourself ample time to attend the date, and showing up at least a few minutes early. If you know you’re going to have a hectic, stressful day, don’t plan a date for that evening. Wait until an evening where your load is a bit lighter so that you aren’t rushing to your date.

3.   Mind your manners!

Men, what does this mean to you? Well, for starters, dating in Des Moines means bringing your A-game manners to the table and Midwest Matchmaking recommends waiting for the woman in the host area rather than taking a seat at a table and having her walk around looking for you. Greeting her inside the entrance of the restaurant will give you a leg up on the competition for that small detail alone. Make sure to stand up, greet her warmly with a firm handshake or hug, and a genuine smile. Allow her to go first and walk in front of you and take her seat first. What our Des Moines matchmakers have heard from even our most independent “feminist” ladies, is they still appreciate a man who can take the lead. So, start with asking her what she’d like to drink and then ordering for you both. Trust us, this will go a long way.

Ladies, same deal. Show up on time or early! We all know you need to primp and prep for your big night, but don’t make him wait for you. There is no such thing as “fashionably late” for a first date. Also, wait for him in the host seating area if you arrive before him. When you see him, approach him warmly with a genuine smile, and a hug or handshake. Be grateful and appreciative. Pleases and Thank You go a long way.

4. Ask questions.

You’d think this would be an obvious piece of advice when dating in Des Moines, but you’d be surprised at what our Des Moines matchmakers hear sometimes. Make sure you aren’t doing all of the talking and wearing out your date. Be conscious about taking spaces in between conversation and asking them questions in return, or asking for any elaboration on a story they are telling you. A conversation should be like a tennis match – an equal back and forth. Asking questions shows genuine interest in the other person. Midwest Matchmaking clients often times complain to us that their date went on and on ad nauseam, and no matter how cute your date is, would you really be interested in them anymore if all they did was talk about themselves?

5. Make a lasting impression.

Just like the first impression, ending the date with a bang is equally important.

Men, when wrapping up the date, don’t allow the check to linger awkwardly in the middle of the table. Be prepared to grab it as soon as the server brings it over, and take care of the bill. I know it might seem “old fashioned”, but if there’s one thing that is killing today’s love connections, it is the man allowing the woman to pay the bill or suggesting to go Dutch. Now, there might be exceptions to this; namely, if the two of you truly both have zero interest in each other and have made that very clear, then going Dutch might be acceptable. But if you’re trying to woo this woman and impress her, just pay the bill. Trust me, if she’s dating other people, this small act of chivalry will make the difference between you and that other man, especially if he allowed her to pay the bill. At that point, trust us, you win.

Open the door for her, and walk her out of the restaurant and to her car…or at least offer to. End the date with a warm hug and ask her to text you when she’s home to let you know she got home safely. Midwest Matchmaking knows women want to feel protected, cared for and adored. If she doesn’t because she forgets to (or thinks you were just saying that), send a quick “Thank you for tonight – hope you made it home safely”. Trust me, she’ll think twice about seeing you again, even if she did leave the date uncertain. These small details will help create a connection. Most importantly, follow up the next day and call or text her to ask when you can see her again. be bold,

Ladies, be very appreciative and thank your date if he pays the bill. End the date with a hug and allow him to open doors for you and walk you to your car (unless you’re really not into him – then just be honest). Once you get home, respond to his text, or send him a quick “Thank you for tonight”.

Does dating in Des Moines end at the first date?

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