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Midwest Matchmaking’s Top 3 Dating Red Flags

29 Nov 2018

Real Midwest love connections are not easy to come by. At Midwest Matchmaking, our clients come to us because of our expertise in the dating industry, and because they either don’t have the time to dedicate to swiping through online profiles, dead end communication or simply enough – their pickers are broken.

Fortunately, even if you don’t pay for our matchmaking services, our advice is free. This is where our Des Moines dating professionals can provide some insight into how to keep an eye out for the top three red flags in the person you’re dating, and when to know to kick them to the curb. Next!

Are you dating someone with the following traits? If so, you may want to rethink your Midwest love connection with them:

#1. It’s been 3 months (at most) and your boyfriend hasn’t made a commitment.

If you’ve been solidly seeing someone, and it’s still just as casual as it was months prior, then you’re probably in a one-sided situation. If you go out with someone else and they don’t even ask you what you’re doing that night, who you’re with, or act at all concerned that a commitment hasn’t been discussed yet, they may be holding out for something better to come along.

Commitment troubles in your relationship?

Des Moines dating doesn’t have to be confusing, so our Exclusive Midwest Matchmakers suggest having an honest conversation about where your relationship stands. If it’s been two to three months, and you’re wanting a solid commitment, then you have be vocal about your expectations and where you see your life going. Being vague or not speaking up isn’t going to do your Midwest love connection any good.

#2. Your girlfriend hasn’t brought you around her friends or family.

If someone is really into you, they’re going to want to blend you into their social circles and introduce you to the people they love. It should happen naturally and feel like a comfortable next step. As far as a timeline, that is different for every couple, but it should be something that is at least discussed and anticipated by both of you at some point in the early stages of your relationship.

Do you feel like your relationship is a big secret?

If your Midwest love connection is feeling like a private party for two all of the time, then you might just need to re-evaluate both of your ideas of a relationship. Having a heart-to-heart discussion is crucial to ensure neither of you are wasting your time.

#3. Your significant other doesn’t show up for you. 

Sure, it’s easy to find someone to date casually, go out with, get drinks with and to have a little physical fun with – those are not special traits that mean big things for your union. Those are casual, menial flings that are not unique to a close-knit emotional Midwest love connection. Des Moines dating matchmakers say that if your partner isn’t showing up for the small things in life, like family gatherings, work events or coming over just to rub your feet when you’re sick, they probably won’t show up for the bigger things either.

Do you feel alone in life, even though you’re dating someone?

Midwest Matchmaking says that if you’re dating someone who is there for the fun aspects of life, but not the more serious, simple, mundane parts of it, ask where they see this headed, and get a real answer from them. If they’re not showing you their commitment through their actions, regardless of what they are telling you, then move on.

Are you struggling finding a genuine Midwest love connection?

If so, call the professionals at Midwest Matchmaking, and let us help you find the love of your life. Des Moines dating doesn’t have to be difficult. Call us today at (833) 469-5683.