Midwest Matchmaking’s 5 Best Dating Tips for Women

05 Dec 2018

Midwest Matchmaking talks about how important first impressions are, and that starts with how you show up to the date, and what you wear. Des Moines matchmakers know it’s important to package yourself in a manner that helps you stand out among your competition, and by paying attention to yourself, that will help you go further in finding Des Moines singles.

What you choose to wear says a lot about your personality, so remember to wear something that you love and feel confident in! A great rule of thumb to remember is that it is always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.

The following 5 tips are what Midwest Matchmaking and our Des Moines matchmakers suggest for wowing your date.

First, make sure you are showered, changed out of your work clothes and mentally prepared and ready for your date. Meeting a new person is stressful, challenging and taxing, but try to breathe and relax. By feeling your best on the outside, it will help calm your nerves on the inside. Spritz on some perfume, brush your teeth and put on some make up. Even if you’re not a make-up person, even a little will do wonders for your look. Blush, mascara and a little gloss is all you need to enhance your appearance. Brush and style your hair, too.

2. Des Moines singles tell us all the time about how much they appreciate when their date shows they’ve put their effort in to look good. Men, especially, are visual creatures so they will absolutely notice when you’ve spent some time on yourself. Dress up more than you would normally. If you’re a jeans girl, throw those on with a cute top and heels or heeled boots. Nothing accentuates your legs more than even a kitten heel would. Plus, you’ll feel more confident as well, which will increase your chances of being your best self on the date. Wear a color like red, a rich blue or hot pink (if that suits your complexion). Men are visually attracted to colors, and you want to appeal to your audience.

3. Make eye contact and smile throughout the date. Don’t sit back with your arms folded in front of you – this displays being closed off and uninterested. When you first greet each other, offer a hug or at least a firm handshake. Be appreciative and grateful vocally when he picks up the check. Ask questions and show active interest. Listen, and make sure your conversation is an equal back and forth. Des Moines matchmakers know that men really respond well to gratitude. Also, allow him to be chivalrous; open your door, pay the check and walk you to your car.

4. Our male clients at Midwest Matchmaking have shared with us that a little flirtation goes a long way, if you’re interested in expressing your interest, that is. If you’re into the guy, make sure you make that known. Touch his arm across the table lightly if he says something you connect with. Now, if you feel more comfortable waiting until you know him a bit better, that’s fine. But even just touching his hand and saying, “Hey, thanks so much for the drinks” will go far.

5. Des Moines singles who are looking for a serious commitment will be watchful of how responsive you are to their communication. So, if you’re interested in him but then take 3 days to respond to his simple text message, he’s going to feel ignored, unimportant, and lose interest. So make sure you are being responsive, and if you do take some time to get back to him, explain that you’ve been busy but are glad to hear from him.

Is your Des Moines singles experience a less than situation?

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