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Need Help Meeting Your Relationship Goals? Find a Kansas City Dating Service Coach

11 Dec 2018

Many Kansas City-area singles have migrated to online dating sites to meet their match, only to find out that navigating any dating scene can be a challenge. Knowing just what to say to a potential date, identifying the right time to respond or crafting just the right message to make sure you are connecting with the types of KC singles that fit your criteria isn’t easy. In fact, it can leave even the most confident person second-guessing their approach.

How can Kansas City single professionals find a soul mate, succeed in a new relationship or find out if the person they are dating is right for them? What about navigating the dating scene after the loss of a partner or a recent divorce? Hiring a KC dating coach can help by providing judgment-free, objective dating advice to guide you through the rough waters that can come with putting yourself out there, whether you are new to the dating scene or returning after some time away.

What is a Kansas City Dating Coach?

Dating service coaches are a lot like a therapist, although they don’t have to be licensed. Their job is to help talk you through the things that may be keeping you from finding or maintaining successful relationships.

If this sounds a little like your best buddy or relative who is more than ready to offer dating advice, there is almost no situation where someone close to you can fill this role successfully. There are some definite benefits and very significant reasons to find a Kansas City dating coach outside of your friend or family circle.

Unlike your family or friends, dating service coaches are objective and can quickly identify the behaviors or patterns that may be keeping you from finding the right partner located in KC. While a well-meaning family member may tell you what you want to hear, a professional dating service coach will tell you what you need to hear and understand.

It goes beyond having a stellar online profile or suddenly deciding you are going to return to the dating scene. Once you’ve made that profile live or choose to embark upon the KC singles scene, there are an infinite number of things that can come up and having a Midwest Matchmaking dating coach by your side is one way to receive the support, guidance and confidence you need to bring your best self to any date or social engagement.

Find a Dating Coach in Kansas City

Dating coaches aren’t a new concept, although Kansas City’s Midwest Matchmaking has evolved it’s coaching services over time to really hone in on the challenges that KC singles face today. While we can still assist with helping you create an online profile that enables you to stand out among the crowd, there is really a lot more than a professional dating service coach can do to help you align your relationship goals, and that is precisely what we strive to do for our members.

More specifically, Midwest Matchmaking’s professional dating coaches will guide you along a search of personal discovery, helping you to discover things about yourself you might not have considered before. Helping you to become ready for a relationship, encouraging you to overcome emotional baggage or trust issues, digging deep to uncover exactly what you value, challenging long-held beliefs that aren’t serving you well and helping you to assess and improve KC dating behaviors are all ways a dating coach can provide assistance.

What to Watch Out for When Selecting a Dating Coach

As with just about anything, those looking for a KC dating coach need to be careful before they select one and allow them access to their most personal thoughts and vulnerabilities. The fact that anyone can profess to be a dating service coach is the first thing to keep in mind.

Look for a coach with documented experience helping other Kansas City singles through first dates, to life-long relationships. Be careful about dating coaches that come with promises or guarantees. The fact is, there are no guaranteed programs to make you more attractive or interesting to others. However, there are ways to help singles better understand themselves, become more confident, learn dating etiquette and bring their best possible selves to any situation.

Advice from the Experienced Dating Coaches at Midwest Matchmaking

If you still aren’t quite ready to go down the path of hiring a dating coach, there are some pretty universal dating tips that Midwest Matchmaking has found to be helpful as you approach or return to the KC dating scene. If you’d like to try these first, here are a few of those things you may wish to consider:

  • If you are writing an online profile, be very clear about what you are looking for. Your statement should specifically say what type of relationship you are seeking. Don’t profess any thoughts or wishes that do not line up exactly with the type of life you want just to impress or “reel in” prospects.
  • Approach KC dating casually at first. Do not dive into a physical relationship right away to avoid becoming attached to someone else before you have a chance to really know if they are the right match for you.
  • Be willing to engage in conversation with strangers. This is no time to be introverted and closed off.
  • If you want to ask someone out, be specific and up front. Don’t ask them if they’d like to hang out sometime. Have particular plans in mind and speak up.
  • Don’t let rejection keep you from trying again with someone else. There are a lot of reasons why someone might decline an invitation. You don’t know if you don’t put yourself out there and try.

When You are Ready to Find Help to “Up Your Dating Game” Call Midwest Matchmakers

It is human nature to try to solve issues on your own. If that isn’t working for you when it comes to meeting your relationship goals, Midwest Matchmaking is here to help. Kansas City singles can gain the kind of confidence that comes from real, objective and one-on-one guidance while becoming more self-aware and attractive to others.

Don’t accept dating advice from anyone who isn’t willing to do the hard work with you to bring your unique qualities and personal KC relationship goals to the forefront. For most of us, this doesn’t happen on our own and asking for help from a dating coach is the next logical step. In Kansas City, call Midwest Matchmakers at (816) 410-1102. Our dating service coaches are ready to help you find the life you’ve been dreaming about.