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Midwest Matchmaking’s 7 Secrets of the Male Mind

20 Dec 2018

Here at Midwest Matchmaking, our seasoned Des Moines matchmakers know a thing or two about local singles, and coaching clients to be more successful on their dates. We’ve also been in the industry for a combined 40 years, so we have acquired plenty of juicy feedback from both men and women, young and old, and from all backgrounds and walks of life. 

Sure, everyone has their unique preferences, deal breakers, idiosyncratic quirks and baggage – these all come with the territory of dating and matching people successfully. But, if there’s one thing we’ve seen across the board with our male members, it’s that certain traits in a woman certainly help one’s chances over another’s when vying for the attention of the complicated, yet simple male species.

Below, are Midwest Matchmaking’s 7 secrets of the male mind:

1. Women’s attraction can develop over time with a man. Men’s cannot. 

Bad news, ladies: men can usually tell right away (in person) whether they “feel it” with you, or not. And there’s almost never changing their minds once they’ve decided either way. Now, photos can be deceiving, so I am talking about the in-person meeting between a man and a woman. If he attends a date and nothing about her stands out as appealing, it’s highly unlikely that will develop into much more than a physical encounter or a friendship. 

2. A nice body (including posture) is important.

Don’t shoot the messengers, but 99.99 percent of the men we work with, even if they’re carrying more weight in the middle, want someone with a slim to average body type. I know, it’s not fair, but the standard of beauty, at least in our culture is an almost unanimous, across the board, in favor of someone who appears to take care of herself. We find that most of the declines local single women receive are due to their weight or body shape. This attraction also includes…. 

3. Youth and sex appeal matter, regardless of your age.

It’s a common, biological, pre-wired preference for men to prefer a younger woman than himself. But, Des Moines matchmakers match couples all of the time who have age gaps where the woman is his senior. In most cases though, the woman takes immense pride in her appearance and looks more youthful than her age. This includes dressing nicely, age-appropriately, but not losing the sex appeal that naturally attract men. 

4. Men much prefer long, shiny, healthy hair. And…blondes may not have more fun after all.

Halle Berry aside, most women cannot pull of a short bob or pixie cut. Unkempt hair  that is overly processed and damaged is also not considered attractive to most men. Also, interestingly enough, brunettes tend to be more favorable to men over blondes, studies have shown.

5. Natural beauty is much preferred over a face full of makeup.

Local single men across the board tell us that there are fewer turn offs than a woman with a caked-on face of cosmetics. It actually makes a woman look much older than she is when she hides her natural beauty. Female coaching clients who come to us for help may hear this piece of advice from us, if they’re wondering how to be more attractive to men.

6. Pride in your appearance overall is a must!

This includes shaving/waxing, showering regularly, wearing a touch of perfume every so often, having straight, white, clean teeth and smiling often, dressing well, and caring about investing in yourself. In biological terms, basically, this means that you are healthy, strong and make for good breeding potential. 

7. Men are more drawn to a higher pitched voice.

This does not mean talking with the pitch of a 6 year-old or being obviously fake with your tone, but, according to science, high voices are perceived as youthful and feminine, and youth is biologically favorable for bearing healthy children.

Are you a local single woman in Des Moines and are at a dating dead end in figuring out what the heck men are thinking?

If so, give your Des Moines matchmakers and dating coaches a call and let us help you become the type of woman a man will notice! Call us at (515) 414-3536 or visit us at