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Midwest Matchmaking’s December Bachelorettes of the Month

25 Dec 2018

Each month at Midwest Matchmaking, our local dating professionals and Des Moines matchmakers compile a list of a few of our clients who we specifically recruit for in order to help them find the loves of their lives. It’s yet another fun, rewarding aspect of our jobs as professional Cupids.

Below is a description of some of the most amazing female Midwest singles for all of you single men wanting to take home a catch this holiday season. If anyone you know are local dating professionals who are tired of being single and lonely, or using those waste of time dating apps, or even worse, waiting at a bar for Mr. or Mrs. Right to walk up and approach you, then maybe one of these Midwest Matchmaking members will be your future wife.

And now, our Des Moines matchmakers present our Featured Female Members for December. We hope you weren’t too naughty this year!

Sioux Falls Single Woman

Member P is a 31-year-old woman in Sioux Falls, South Dakota who has never been married. She is educated and has a career in public health. She has no children, wants children, and identifies as Christian. She is easy-going, bubbly, laid back, happy, family-oriented and finds joy in uplifting others. She enjoys the simple pleasures in life, and it’s probably attributed to the fact that she grew up on a farm and would love to live in the country again. She enjoys camping, spending time with friends and family, country music concerts, and animals.

She is looking for a gentleman 28-40 who is financially stable, responsible, 5’8 or taller, and is open to any location between Omaha and Sioux Falls. Her deal breakers include someone not responsible with money, dishonesty, smokers, and someone not tidy and clean. She is a great catch, beautiful, brunette and takes pride in her appearance.

Des Moines single Woman 

Member N is a 54-year-old divorced sales manager with two daughters, 26 and 27 who lives in Des Moines, Iowa. She is an outgoing, social and people-oriented person who dislikes any drama or negativity. She considers herself organized, adventurous, giving, creative, and personal. She lives a full life of biking, kayaking, hiking, traveling, painting, sculpting, drawing, cooking, live music, dancing, going on adventures, and having new life experiences. She loves the mountains and spending time with her big family.

What she is looking for in a partner would be someone 42-60 who is adventurous, loves to travel, is a good communicator who doesn’t dwell on negative past experiences. Someone who is financially responsible is a must, as she wants to enjoy the same lifestyle as her partner. She hopes to meet a man who is good-natured, not angered easily, and at the same life stage. She prefers a Christian man, and is open to dating outside of her race. Dealbreakers for her would include someone who is a homebody or someone super into the outdoors (avid hunters or fishers), slobs and smokers.

We hope our local dating professionals can help you find the next love of your life, and make this Holiday season an especially merry one!

If you or anyone you know meets these descriptions, please contact Midwest Matchmaking at (515) 414-3536 and meet your Des Moines matchmakers! We are confident we can help introduce you to the most qualified female Midwest singles this holiday season.