Midwest Matchmaking Explains “Orbiting”, a New Online Dating Concern

22 Feb 2019

Chances are great that you’ve looked for love in Kansas City up to this point, via online dating app and websites since you’re likely unaware of Midwest Matchmaking. Well, the good news is that Kansas City matchmakers exist and can help you find a local love connection in the area so that you’re not having to rely on platforms that are proven unsuccessful time and time again.

In addition to being unsuccessful in finding you a real relationship, there are also issues such as ghosting, catfishing, breadcrumbing, and now, orbiting. The definition: If you’ve dated in the age of social media, chances are you’ve been watched, liked and followed by a crush, a lover or an ex.

Prying eyes on dating apps can be exciting when they come from a prospective romantic partner; not so much when the looker is an ex. In the last case, it’s as though the specter of a Relationship That Could Have Been is peeping over your shoulder, keeping tabs without having to commit to any real-world interactions.

Unlike ghosting, which is a fancy word for disappearing from a lover’s life without notice, orbiting could not have existed before dating apps. Distant methods of digital observation are what binds the orbiter and the orbited. 

Finding love in Kansas City has never been more challenging through online dating alone.

The way it feels to be orbited depends on your relationship to the orbiter. When you’re interested in the satellite entity watching your social media activity, orbiting brings an endorphin rush, the feeling of being circled by someone you want to get closer to.

But when it’s bad, it’s bad. There’s the frustration of wondering why an ex would rather watch your life than be part of it. There’s the disappointment when someone who has been orbiting for some time never does get any closer. And there’s acceptance of the hard truth of all digital romance: Eventually the relationship must be taken offline, or brought to an end.

Now, orbiting isn’t always intentional. Instagram Stories stream seamlessly into one another (and ads), so it’s possible to view someone’s day-to-day updates unintentionally without ever digging deeper into their posting history. On Facebook, you have to regularly and carefully check your settings, and re-check them, to ensure their Privacy Policies haven’t changed since the last time you thought your photos and/or profile were private. 

How hiring Kansas City matchmakers can defeat the orbiting phenomenon:

By working with Midwest Matchmaking, finding a local love connection can become a private, discrete process where your photos and information are not out there in the digital world for all of your former flames to see. Instead, you are only visible to the other members in our database, and only if you approve them first. 

Additionally, finding love in Kansas City through the help of a Midwest matchmaker, guarantee that the other clients in the service are taking the search for love equally as seriously. There will be no ghosting, catfishing or bread crumbing through Midwest Matchmaking – only matches who want to meet you, and vice versa. Also, the matchmakers arrange your dates for you so you don’t need to worry about the initial contact and an awkward drawn-out text exchange prior. 

It is a fact that dating is confusing, and orbiting can make things that much worse. Small online behaviors are infinitely interpretable, making it impossible to understand where you and another person stand. The lurking of a potential connection makes you wonder whether they’ll ever materialize in person. And the orbiting ex only serves to keep you mired in a shadow version of the relationship, wondering, each time he or she views one of your Stories, what happened or what could have been.

If you’re tired of being ghosted, orbited or catfished, call Midwest Matchmaking!

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