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Dating a Younger KC Woman: One Great Reason Why You Should (And Some Important Reasons Why Maybe You Shouldn’t)

14 Mar 2019

There are plenty of eligible young women in the Kansas City area, but if you are a single older man who is looking to date someone 10 or more years younger, there are some important things to consider before you make a move to a new age bracket of KC singles.

Reasons Why Kansas City Men Should Date Younger Women

The benefits of dating someone younger are numerous. Especially for KC single men who aren’t ready to retire to the recliner, dating a woman who is 10 years or more your junior can bring excitement and happiness through their endless energy and youthful physical appearance.

In fact, a special woman who just happens to also be younger can enrich an older man’s life by bringing a new perspective, helping them to remain active, mentally engaged and enjoying benefits that include everything from enhanced physical enjoyment to a more positive outlook on life. If you need even more justification for dating a younger woman, there is research showing that men who are with younger women live longer lives and are generally in better health.

Midwest Matchmaking has always subscribed to the theory that age really is just a number and if you find someone in Kansas City who is 10 more years younger to match your interests and appeal to your sensibilities, there is no reason why a love match can’t be made. It is imperative that your motivations for dating someone a decade younger are sincere and you genuinely like her for the person she is. In this case, age really becomes secondary, as it should.

Reasons Why Kansas City Men Should NOT Date Younger Women

If you are seeking a younger woman to help regain your lost or dissatisfying youth, it would be wise to think twice before requesting an introduction to a younger KC single woman.

Dating, no matter the age difference, should not be arranged as just a casual fling and if you are a Midwest Matchmaking client, you already know that we aren’t about just creating casual “hookups.” If you are only in it for quick intimacy, making a dating connection with a woman of any age isn’t a recommendation we would ever make.

Many younger women in Kansas City seek the company of older men for their maturity and life experience. They’ve spent time in the trenches with your younger single KC counterparts who have likely objectified them for their appearance, even taken advantage of their youthful naivete. They’ll expect more from you.

She’ll expect you to be mature and confident, not someone hoping to relive a wasted or lost youth. Considering her as “arm candy” or a toy to entertain you and make you feel younger, is not the basis for the kind of long-term, mature relationship she is likely seeking. It should also be said that the kind of single women you will meet as a Midwest Matchmaking client are not looking for “sugar daddies.” Of course, financial security is important at any age, but quality KC single women like those you can expect to find through our matchmaking services and professional dating coaches are looking for life partners, not an open checkbook.

It is also a common misconception that younger women seek relationships with older gentlemen because they are looking for a “daddy” figure. You should expect that Kansas City women who are looking to date an older man – especially those to whom you may be introduced as a Midwest Matchmaking client – will not need that kind of nurturing from you. They want you to be spontaneous with them, enjoy a youthful outlook and consider them as an equal partner in the relationship. In other words, a younger KC single woman will want to date an older KC single man like you because you are mutually attracted to one another. It’s about who she is, not how she makes you feel.

Expect to be Judged

If you and a younger Kansas City single woman are compatible in every way and have similar interests that allow you to enjoy a long-term relationship, there is one thing that likely can’t be avoided. People simply judge an older man who finds love with a younger woman. In fact, the criticism may go both ways, and she may also endure the wrath of people’s opinions. Being prepared to hear comments about the age difference will assist when conversations pop up. Lean into sharing the qualities of your partner you enjoy spending time with and elevate the conversation past the ignorance of others opinions. As with any relationship, those in our lives feel that they may be helping us with their opinions and words. Enjoy each other’s company no matter the age difference and know that you deserve to be happy no matter the age.

Finding Love and Enjoying Life-Long Relationships is Ageless

The bottom line is if your motivations are right and the chemistry is there, by all means, don’t write off the possibility of arranging a love match with a younger Kansas City single woman. Midwest Matchmaking is here to guide you through the lingering questions, help you focus on the right reasons for seeking a relationship and to make sure you remain true to your relationship wants and needs. Call us today at (816) 410-1102.