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What Midwest Matchmaking Thinks Posting Outdated Photos of Yourself Online Says about You

25 Mar 2019

Midwest Matchmaking has Kansas City singles join our service constantly based on one of the most consistent problems online dating is notorious for: you show up to finally meet that new match and come to discover,  their photos are from 15 years ago. It’s an online dating tale as old as the technology itself.

Now, what if you are the culprit mentioned in the above paragraph? If you’re posting photos of yourself 15 years younger (or 15 lbs. lighter), Midwest Matchmaking says it may be time for a some honest self-reflection:

You’re afraid you can’t attract good Midwest dates based on what you look like

If this is your fear, Kansas City singles, it may not be so out of left field. If you looked more attractive in the past, perhaps there are some people who would have dated you then but wouldn’t date you now. Remember, however, that false advertising always backfires. You could potentially lock in a date, but your date will be frustrated that you misrepresented yourself and they won’t ask for a second one.

You’re insecure about your looks

Midwest matchmakers understand that, our clients, pictures are a crucial component in giving others a sense of what you look like. They aren’t, however, crucial in determining whether two people will get along and mesh as a romantic couple. In other words, you don’t want someone who wants to be with you for the way you look. Post honest, updated pictures of yourself so that you can eliminate the annoying possibility that so-and-so shows up and decides they don’t want to give you a second chance because your pictures look nothing like the real you.

You pretend you forgot to update your photos

If your goal is to find Midwest dates that are good, don’t overthink things, fall into fantasies or silly excuses; be strategic and make wise investments. People will like and trust you more when you are real and honest.

You don’t care about your dishonesty

If your profile includes pictures that don’t show the real you today, you are lying to people, point blank. Perhaps you don’t mean to, or perhaps there is a way you justify this behavior to yourself. At the end of the day, though, it is not a strategy that makes sense. The vast majority of men or women that show up for that first date with you will feel confused or even angry that you weren’t more honest about your appearance. Reaching that point of frustration or distrust on the first date, most sane people will not give you another chance.

You tell yourself that your pictures shouldn’t matter

For a split second, this sounds like a very sophisticated argument. But when we dig deeper we find that this argument isn’t one that makes sense. If you tell yourself that your pics not being accurate shouldn’t matter in the big picture, you may be right on an ideological level. The problem is that dating is not a game, or a television show with contestants. Like it or not, we are all stuck in r-e-a-l life, and people are busy in their real lives. Using pictures that don’t look like you wastes your own and other’s time. Pictures are used to give others a sense of what this individual in cyberspace actually looks like in real life. You will get a name, a picture, and some information – and all of it is important in combination as two people try to figure out whether they could actually make a grownup relationship work.

Why Midwest Matchmaking says the more natural,  least airbrushed photos may get your more dates

True confidence and self-esteem are the biggest turn-ons of all. Sure, your date may be physically attracted to a particular celebrity, or even a super-attractive individual they encounter from time to time. But the reality is that people have personalities, and having the wrong personality in the most appealing body won’t last long.

Finally, our Midwest matchmakers recommend focusing on bettering yourself to the level that makes you proud to share your (real) photos online, but, most of all, make sure you have the personality to match the pretty face you post to Cyberspace. Because without a positive, upbeat, engaging attitude to accompany your body or face, none of your dates will turn into a real relationship. 

Are your Midwest dates not the people you “swiped right” on?

Kansas City singles, if your phone is an unreliable matchmaker, our Midwest matchmakers can help you meet local singles we have screened, and whose photos are actually current. Learn more at