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The Law of Attraction: Find Your Soul Mate in Kansas City by Focusing on What You Want in a Relationship

28 Mar 2019

In a city the size of Kansas City, it can seem like that special person you’re actively seeking to have in our life long term can almost seem impossible. As professional Kansas City matchmakers, we’re happy to tell you there are a lot of KC singles out there and they could very well measure up to be the type of person you’d want to join in a long-term relationship. But, first, we need to ensure you’re using your energy and attention to the highest.

Have you ever taken a moment to think about the way you identify suitable love matches? For most of us singles, we start by going through a mental list in our heads of the things that we definitely do NOT want in a potential Kansas City partner. The list might sound something like: “he shouldn’t be poor, “ or “he shouldn’t be short,” or “she shouldn’t be overweight,” or “she shouldn’t have children already.”

If you pay close attention to the way you think about it, you’ll likely admit that many of the “must have” lists in our mental Rolodex take a negative slant. They focus solely on the things a potential love match should NOT have. If you are a KC single, Midwest Matchmaking can help you turn around your way of thinking so you can attract those qualities in a partner you DO want, rather than those you do not.

Ask and You Shall Receive

There is vast wisdom that suggests that a person actually attracts the very things they spend the most time dwelling on. Try it next time you pull into a parking lot. If you say to yourself, “there isn’t going to be any open space in this busy mall lot today,” chances are the universe will answer you by making sure every last spot is filled. However, if you enter the lot thinking to yourself, “there will be an open space for me today right up front and center,” you’ll be amazed how often that will be exactly what happens.

You don’t have to be a new age follower or a certified yogi to take advantage of the benefits of positive thinking. Simply open your mind just a bit to consider how the time you spend constantly itemizing and focusing on the things you don’t want in a Kansas City life partner can be truly counterproductive to the long-term objective of finding someone who does.

Let Midwest Matchmaking Help You Make a Positive “Must Have’ Dating Wish List

The law of attraction suggests that being intentional in our thoughts, prayers, meditations, and rituals can help to manifest the very things you are seeking. Rather than dwelling on all the things you don’t want in a partner, imagine what might happen if you instead start giving all your energy and attention to what you do want?

Let Midwest Matchmaking help you accentuate the positive, both in your dating outlook and in the possibilities of finding the love you’ve been seeking in the Kansas City dating scene. You just need a little help in understanding how to ask for it. Call us at (816) 410-1102 and let’s start thinking positive together.