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The Seven Essential Qualities Matchmakers See in Des Moines Couples that Last

02 Apr 2019

What does it take to go the distance once you’ve found your Des Moines love match? It’s one thing to find that special someone. It’s another entirely to enjoy a relationship that can go the distance.

No one enters a long-term relationship thinking it will eventually fizzle out so both parties will go their separate ways. In fact, most of the Des Moines clients we work with are seeking a relationship that lasts. They’ve tried the online apps, well-meaning introductions from friends and all the other ways to meet “the one” and that simply hasn’t ended in a lasting connection.

One of the benefits of working directly with a professional dating coach is not just helping you find the right match but also helping you to keep that relationship thriving long past the first date.

Midwest Matchmakers shares some of the qualities Des Moines area singles should be looking for if they hope to find their match and make it last.


We put this one first because there really are few things more important than two people being able to communicate with one another. The inability to talk about what is on your mind is often the very thing that causes friction in even the best of relationships. Couples that last are great at expressing how they feel, what they need and how they wish to be treated. There are no mind readers (at least we haven’t met any at Midwest Matchmaking). Assume your Des Moines partner doesn’t know what you are thinking unless you tell them.

Mutual Respect

You don’t have to always “like” the person you choose to live with forever, but you really should love and respect them for the person they are. Couples who share a mutual admiration for one another tend to find it easier to overlook the little things that can otherwise grow into big issues that cause problems if you can’t fall back on the basis of shared respect for each other.

Shared Values

It’s true that opposites attract, but in some things and especially in the things you personally value, it can be beneficial to have a shared view. Things such as religion, politics, whether or not you want children, where you want to live – each of these things can either discontent or harmony for Des Moines couples.


We’ve found gratefulness to cure a lot of ills, and when it comes to couples, those who appreciate the little things and can consider their partner to be one of the many things for which to be grateful have a better chance of making a relationship last. Some call it positive thinking, but it goes a little further than that. You should always feel lucky that your partner chose you from all the others (an vice versa).

Unending Support

Having your partner’s back and the reassurance that they have yours is a key component of a long-lasting partnership. In order for this to happen, both parties must make the commitment and remain invested in being there for each other through both the good and the bad that life serves up.

Common Friend Circle

You may find this one surprising. It’s true that successful couples need more than just each other in order to live a happy and fulfilling life. Having a shared group of friends with whom you enjoy spending time is important and necessary.

A Great Sex Life

We put this one last, not because it is less important but because if all the other things mentioned fall in line, this one will, as well. Keeping the spark in your marriage is key to a successful relationship.

Do you have other essential things you’d add to our list of essential qualities? We’d love to hear about them. Midwest Matchmaking is committed to helping Des Moines area singles not only find, but keep long-lasting relationships. Contact or call us today at (515) 414-3536 to discuss your list.