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Do Politics Guide Your Dating Decisions? Des Moines Area Singles are Likely to Check Out Your Political Leanings Before Making a Connection

09 Apr 2019

Des Moines is at the center of much political debate, from the primaries each year to the dating scene. More than ever before, Midwest Matchmaking finds Des Moines singles asking “which side of the aisle?” before they’ll even agree to meet a potential match. In fact, Midwest singles aren’t the only ones who are putting political values at the top of the list of “deal breakers” – even rising above “great sex” in the list of relationship must haves.

It really isn’t any surprise. With our country becoming more and more divided, partisan polarization is a real thing and can influence our lives (even our dating choices) in many ways. There is even current research that suggests married people with shared political views tend to stay married longer than do those with opposing partisan views.

We know what you’re thinking. Political views are usually one of the “off limits” topics for people just getting to know one another. But, what if you knew about their partisan leanings even before the first date? Would you consider a match with someone who held drastically different political views than your own?

Dating Bias Over Political Opinions is a Real Thing

Des Moines area singles (and singles all across the nation, for that matter) are becoming increasingly more rigid in their political views, which is translating into rigidity in their dating behaviors.

Midwest Matchmaking has connected hundreds of singles with a number of key differences – from financial status, age, education, even ethnicity – and we can tell you that political leanings often fall just below religious preference when it comes to their impact on dating decisions for Des Moines area singles.

We may simply just gravitate toward like-minded people. Or, maybe our hard-held thoughts and beliefs have risen to the surface to such a degree that they serve to literally sort out those who fall on the other side of our self-defined value system. After all, things very akin to religion are tied up with political affiliation – from views on what actually constitutes a family, views on abortion, the role of women in society and so much more.

As professional matchmakers and dating coaches serving the Des Moines area, we would tell you there is absolutely nothing wrong with holding strong opinions (or even sharing those opinions with potential partners you may meet). If you have strong feelings one way or the other, let us know that up front so we can help match you with a single most compatible from the get-go.

Bring Your Views and Values to Midwest Matchmaking and Let Us Find You a Match.

Of course, we’d like you to have an open mind and be willing to meet other Des Moines singles who might not always agree with you but offer other redeeming qualities. We can help you cut through the clutter of what really matters; for you, political views may really matter.

We promise to listen to your dating “must haves” and help you find other Des Moines singles who are seeking lifelong relationships with someone just like you. Call (515) 414-3536.