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Tips for Dating the CEO: Upscale Dating in Des Moines Requires a Different Approach

06 May 2019

By the time someone has reached the c-suite, they have come to expect a certain level of quality in the relationships they pursue. Whether you’re a woman leading one of Des Moines’ Fortune 500 companies, or an accomplished man at the helm of a successful central Iowa corporation, as professional matchmakers, we’ve found the types of single individuals likely to complement that kind of exclusive lifestyle are unique.

In our years of matching high-end Des Moines singles, we’ve gathered some unique insights. Acknowledging that dating those of privilege has many rewards, along with a few quirks, is important.

Here, our dating coaches have identified a few tips to help those wading in the exclusive dating waters to understand better the unspoken rules that go along with dating someone of social or financial stature. It isn’t for everyone, but there are numerous rewards. What do you need to know if the love of your life turns out to also be a c-suite executive? Read on!

Be to the Point with Communication

Those in high positions very often share personality traits that make them uniquely suited for the roles they live every day. They are often decisive, may dislike small talk, and aren’t always excellent listeners. These are qualities they’ve likely had for a lifetime and in many cases, contribute to the success they now enjoy. Those who choose to date executive-level singles should be prepared to say what they mean without dragging out the details. In Des Moines, there are plenty of suitable matches waiting for the chance to spend time with a c-level executive. If you are one of them, be sure to say what you mean without reservation. They’ll expect and appreciate that.

If You Cancel, There Had Better Be a Good Reason

Arranging a date with a successful Des Moines area single, then flaking out on that commitment, isn’t going to play well in the high-end dating scene. It isn’t that these powerful types don’t take rejection well. Rather, every hour of their day is likely spoken for. They’ve committed to spending time with you, and they expect you to honor that commitment. If you cancel on date #1, you’ll be hard pressed to get date #2.

No Game-Playing

Be honest about your intentions. Dating c-level Des Moines singles means no game playing, no ulterior motives, and no drama. These types can see through that kind of behavior in a hot minute and have little patience for it. As professional dating experts, we highly recommend you bring your best self to the date, say what you mean and above all, don’t expect someone at this level to guess what you need or what you are thinking.

Midwest Matchmaking in Des Moines offers upscale matchmaking services and specializes in connecting these kinds of high-profile singles with others who are not just well-suited, but also willing to take on the challenges that come with it. Call us today to talk about our discreet and exclusive process for matching successful Des Moines area professionals. Call (515) 414-3536.