Midwest Matchmaking’s 5 Ways to Date as a Single Parent

13 May 2019

Dating is a minefield, no matter what situation you’ve found yourself in, and Midwest Matchmaking knows it can be incredibly daunting to open yourself up to love in Omaha. But dating as a single parent, suddenly, things can feel even more overwhelming. 

Singles in Omaha who have kids might feel a stigma attached to the fact that their previous relationship just didn’t work out, and feel a sort of guilt that their child’s other parent is either no longer in the picture, or splitting time with them. However, what you will soon learn once you get back out there, is that the right person won’t have those judgments, and you won’t feel the need to explain your situation. 

Below are Midwest Matchmaking’s 5 Single Parent Dating Tips:

#1. How do I know I’m ready?

There is no ‘right’ time to start dating after a breakup or loss. Before you start dating, figure out why you want to start dating – Are you trying to replace the person you lost? Is it to take your mind away from a breakup? If yes, focusing on yourself and your children should be your top priority right now. It’s important to give yourself time to heal – the right person will be there when you are ready.

#2. Where Do I Meet Other Single Parents?

Look no further than Midwest Matchmaking! We do all the hard work for you when it comes to finding your dates and selecting your matches, so you don’t have to waste precious time you don’t have swiping through online dating profiles. We can connect you with like-minded individuals who have similar life experiences, and shared values and relationship goals.

#3. How much should I share on a first date?

Be upfront about the fact that you have kids, as no one wants to be surprised by that information later. Other than that, details about your kids lives, or relationship with your ex, is information that is best saved for when you know someone better. Focus your conversation around yourselves – hobbies, places traveled, and your career are always safe places to start!

#4. How do I make the time to date?  

You know you’re ready to date, but finding free time to do so can be a challenge. You can only give your children the best if you are at your best – which often means making time for yourself! Family and friends make for great babysitters, so enlist some help for a night or two each month. Can’t find a babysitter? Mid-day lunch dates are an often overlooked opportunity to find a new connection.

#5. Don’t rush an introduction 

I think it’s important to make clear to the person you are dating that you aren’t looking for a surrogate mother/father to take place of your ex in your child’s life. Therefore, Midwest matchmaking advises not introducing the person you are dating as any other than a friend. This may mean no sleep overs for a long time, and keeping your new relationship private until the titles and boundaries are very clear. That will be different for each couple, so it’s crucial these are discussed early on, if you both feel it’s going the distance.

Are you a single parent dating in Omaha?

If dating as a single parent is a daunting idea and you have no clue where to start, the Omaha matchmakers at Midwest Matchmaking have been helping Omaha singles  navigate the dating waters for over 10 years! Let us help introduce you to other single parents struggling with the same dating issues.