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Midwest Matchmaking’s 5 Ways to Date as a Single Parent

how to meet single parents in omaha

Dating is a minefield, no matter what situation you’ve found yourself in, and Midwest Matchmaking knows it can be incredibly daunting to open yourself up to love in Omaha. But dating as a single parent, suddenly, things can feel even more overwhelming. 

Singles in Omaha who have kids might feel a stigma attached to the fact that their previous relationship just didn’t work out, and feel a sort of guilt that their child’s other parent is either no longer in the picture, or splitting time with them. However, what you will soon learn once you get back out there, is that the right person won’t have those judgments, and you won’t feel the need to explain your situation. 

Below are Midwest Matchmaking’s 5 Single Parent Dating Tips:

#1. Don’t try to hide the fact that you’re a parent…let alone a single one

A lot of singles in Omaha seem to deny the existence of their own kids either on their online dating profiles and even when meeting someone on a date, in real life. Because of the stigma and myths surrounding single parents, some might believe hiding that fact will keep from scaring the other person off. But, just like anything else on your profile, or about your life, honesty cuts out the potential for misunderstandings and meeting narrow-minded idiots. Anyone with a problem isn’t worth your time, and being a single parent is actually the best A-hole filter there is. The problem is theirs, don’t waste time feeling like it’s yours.

#2. Never defend yourself or feel the need to apologize

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of believing you have to explain how you came to be a single parent. In the early stages of dating, that’s really none of anyone’s business. Be proud of your family and proud of your life. Know anyone you meet will be lucky to get such a fabulous two, three or however-many-it-might-be-for-one deal.  You know your child is the best person ever so why assume another person will feel any different? I was brought up to believe people, particularly men, are terrified of having children on their hands. Maybe some are, but those people aren’t worth your time when you’re a parent.

#3. Never use the word, “Baggage” when referring to your kiddos (or anyone else’s)

‘Baggage’ is a dirty word. It implies a disadvantage; something weighing you down. Your offspring is anything but baggage. However, in a society that sees single motherhood as  lonely and poverty-stricken, I see where the ‘B’ word has originated. But having a child, even if going it alone, is far from any of these negative connotations. Having a child helps put things in perspective; so if anyone thinks otherwise, good riddance! So the word ‘baggage’ needs to be replaced with ‘bonus’, because that’s a much more accurate (and kinder) description.

#4. Get into a positive headspace  

Never think that you are doing anything wrong by wanting some time for yourself. You deserve to go on a date and enjoy some adult company. A relaxed, fulfilled parent is a good parent, so if you don’t allow yourself time for you, you’re only going to run yourself into the ground, and that will affect not only your relationship with your child, but it will hinder your dating success as well

#5. Don’t rush an introduction 

I think it’s important to make clear to the person you are dating that you aren’t looking for a surrogate mother/father to take place of your ex in your child’s life. Therefore, Midwest matchmaking advises not introducing the person you are dating as any other than a friend. This may mean no sleep overs for a long time, and keeping your new relationship private until the titles and boundaries are very clear. That will be different for each couple, so it’s crucial these are discussed early on, if you both feel it’s going the distance.

Are you a single parent dating in Omaha?

If dating as a single parent is a daunting idea and you have no clue where to start, the Omaha matchmakers at Midwest Matchmaking have been helping Omaha singles  navigate the dating waters for over 10 years! Let us help introduce you to other single parents struggling with the same dating issues.

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