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Des Moines Single Hacks for Arranging A Lunch Date That Doesn’t Seem Rushed

04 Jun 2019

You are a professional Des Moines area single. As matchmakers running an exclusive dating service in Des Moines, we understand that your time is often the biggest roadblock standing between you and the quality dates we arrange. If the only time slot you have available on your busy calendar is over lunch, how can you possibly make a meaningful connection?

It is possible to find love over lunch, but it requires a little preplanning and authentic intention setting. That’s why many DSM executive and professional singles in this situation lean on Midwest Matchmakers to help optimize their dating journey and maximize the short window of time they have available to create high-quality dating experiences.

Block the Time and Honor the Commitment

It starts with holding a spot on your calendar and sticking to the commitment to keep that appointment. Even the most in-demand professionals know that it is vital to make time for themselves and something as important as finding lasting love should take priority over any business meeting. Block out an hour, if that’s all you have; two hours would be better, but Midwest Matchmaking’s dating coaches will meet you where you are and help guide you through making the most of the time you can spare.

Find A Location Near Your Office To Have More Time Together

To maximize the lunch time table, for yourself and the other single you are seeking a deep connection with, select a location that can feature a relatively private atmosphere or one that has music as an ambiance and allows you to hear each other without needing to raise voices.

For the location, our dating coaches recommending selecting a place close to your office so you can spend precious minutes with your date, not on the commute.

Consider hiring a car service or calling an Uber so you can have a few minutes to switch gears on the way to your date mentally. Hiring a driver can create the unique experience of leaving your work mind behind and allowing some space for you to determine what you wish to experience in your first or second date.

Rely On Quick, Quality Food Venues

A lunch date that has a defined start and stop time may not be well suited for a sit-down date. If you do want to go to a restaurant that offers high-end service, be sure to make reservations so you can be seated immediately and enjoy each other’s company right away.

Other creative options might include outdoor vendors or food trucks which are readily available in Des Moines during the summer months.

Be Prepared To Dive Into Conversation

Midwest Matchmakers can help you have a “talk track” in mind, so you don’t waste precious time trying to get to know your date. That doesn’t mean your interaction has to be scripted; instead, we want you to be able to be yourself and dive into the conversation quickly since you only have a short window of time to learn about each other.

Have A Plan In Place To Ask For A Second Date

Go into your lunch date with another professional Des Moines single with the idea that you’d like to meet them again. If it doesn’t work out, then we’ll try again. If, however, you’d really like to find another hour when you two could meet for a second date, be prepared to ask. Having a plan in mind before you go will make this easier.

For exclusive dating services in Des Moines, successful professionals know that Midwest Matchmakers can help make even the shortest interactions meaningful. Call us today at (515) 414-3536 to discuss ways you can turn lunch into a lifelong partnership that lasts, far beyond that one short hour. Make the time to find lasting love.