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3 Tips to Help Women Not Suck at Dating

17 Jun 2019

Midwest Matchmaking has a pretty simple solution to the thousands of single Omaha women who hire us seeking assistance being more successful in dating: own up to the fact that your sucky dating life is your own responsibility. If you always pick the bad boys, or know you come across as closed off on dates, then we’ve already gotten past the hardest part – self-awareness and ownership of the problem. When clients are able to do that, it makes dating in Omaha a whole lot easier with our help.

Our local Omaha matchmakers empathize with you though. We were all single once, too! We know how discerning the dating market can be, and how frustrating it is to go on one first date after another with no results. The good news though, is that these are all workable issues. If dating in Omaha scares the living bejesus out of you, keep reading to make sure you’re NOT exuding the following three traits. Avoid these, and you won’t suck at dating much longer.

Below, Midwest Matchmaking reveals 3 steps that our local Omaha matchmakers guarantee will help you become more noticed by single men.

Reassess your standards.

Our clients aren’t wrong when they give us their criteria in a partner. Every one has their own priorities in life, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a checklist. But let me ask you something: Would you rather be alone, waiting for someone to check all of the “boxes”? Or would you rather be in a loving and healthy relationship that gives you emotional support and satisfaction every day of your life, where you can grow together? So, instead of focusing on how much they make, what color their eyes are or where they live, you should be prioritizing the following: communication skills, temperament, life goals and general overall mental health and attitude about life. 

Check your attitude.

This might be a shocker, but your dating attitude is going to determine your success. You have to go into each date believing that it’s going to work and that you’re going to find someone who you really connect with. When you think positively about dating, you’re happier on dates, you’re less likely to beat yourself up after a bad date and less likely to give up. All of these will help you get the frog kissing out of the way quickly so that you’re still on Tinder when the Prince is swiping right on you. Giving up and getting discouraged is a huge reason why you probably suck at dating. 

Stop overthinking Every. Little. Thing.

 We understand that despite a little logic, dating is always going to be an emotionally charged process. So, before you start analyzing his job, his goals or what he commented on politically on your last date, you need to pay attention to how he makes you feel. Does he make you laugh? Do you guys have fun together? Does he make you feel loved and safe? On the flip side of that, does he make you feel insecure? Do you find yourself acting differently (not yourself) around him? Does he mostly annoy you? Do you wish he would do A-Z differently? Paying attention to how you feel around him is a key factor in knowing what the rest of your relationship is going to feel like. You’re going to feel those same feelings forever so make sure they’re mostly positive emotions. 

There you have it! Midwest Matchmaking’s 3 tips for single Omaha women to knock their dates out of the water, straight from your local Omaha matchmakers.

If you are a single woman in Omaha who sucks at dating, visit us at MidwestMatchmaking.com and our team of professional matchmakers will help you bring your “A game” to the next date.