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5 Approaches to Finding Love

27 Jun 2019

Despite the popularity of online dating apps and websites in today’s market, Midwest Matchmaking has found that professional matchmaking is actually more popular than ever before. Clients all over the U.S. are handing things over to professionals in this industry at a surprising rate, and it only means that our Omaha singles are more serious about finding a relationship than ever before

Every matchmaker has a slightly different approach when it comes to finding the “ideal” match to set a client up with. But here, Midwest Matchmaking explains our unique approach in putting together the most compatible couples and creating a love that lasts a lifetime.

Omaha singles, read ahead to find out why you should get off dating apps and into our office, pronto!

#1. Our Omaha matchmakers prioritize those couples who want marriage and children in the long term. Depending on someone’s age and past relationships, some people may seek out a long term relationship but not necessarily want marriage. Others feel that if marriage is not the end goal at some point, they aren’t interested in getting serious with someone. If one person is a “maybe” on kids and the other is a “definite yes” then that also can pose a problem in terms of long term comparability.

#2. Who we are now is not who we will be in the future (we hope), so you need to prioritize!  What are your personal and professional goals? Where do you want to live, what lifestyle would you like to afford, and, perhaps most important, who do you want to be? When you tie this all together, does your love interest have similar priorities? You don’t have to be in the same lane, but are you swimming the same direction?

#3. First and foremost, our matchmakers are always looking at spiritual compatibility. This is the core foundation for lasting partnership and truly the only way two individuals can feel deep connection. When you click in this way, you also have a higher satisfaction rate and sense of purpose. At the core, we are each spiritual beings and so unless our relationships are connected at that level, we will not experience deep satisfaction.

#4. Our local matchmakers find that opposites often do attract when it comes to things like personality. When one partner is outgoing, they oftentimes click better with someone less so. Also, when one person is easier to get along with, they tend to work better with more challenging types. Clients do need to be compatible when it comes to values, spirituality and preference for children – those are often deal breakers. Outside of values, physical preferences, and interests, we prioritize the specific person’s relationship needs. If a man is not ready for marriage or a family, we avoid pairing him with a woman whose goals are just that. Important values are aspects such as education, work/life balance, health, and  social relationships. If the lifestyle values line up, mostly everything else can be situational or negotiable. For example, if you were hoping your match could also be a tennis partner, look for someone who values physical exercise and trying new things, or curiosity. Our Midwest Matchmaking clients are very busy but will always make time for whatever they value most. When these values are compatible, the couple will be able to enjoy their personal time together. 

#5. Your desires for children (or not) would be the one area of compatibility that’s the most important because this goes back to lifestyle. When it comes to children, that can be a deal breaker. So, whether to have them or not have them, or date someone with them, and so forth is really a big issue. Make sure you really dig deeply and know what it is you want in this area.

What Midwest Matchmaking knows more than anything is that the heart knows what it wants. So do our Omaha singles. We see couples fall in love all the time who seem to be different in every way. 

If you’re in the market for THE relationship, Midwest Matchmaking recommends being realistic about whether your vision for the future includes a serious relationship. If it does, our professional, seasoned team of local matchmakers will guide you through each step of the way.