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The Interview Approach: 6 First Date Questions To Prepare You For Success in Kansas City

03 Jul 2019

Whether you have been on the dating scene for a while or you are new to Kansas City, first dates can be awkward. When you are meeting other KC professional singles, it’s essential that you are prepared. If you are searching for a new executive position, you would have a game plan in place, and for KC singles, it’s vital that you do the same when meeting your potential partner.

Offering exclusive matchmaking services in Kansas City, our dating coaches at Midwest Matchmaking have been privy to just about every first date scenario you could think of. From those ungraceful encounters where both parties stumble over their words to the dream first date where the couple hit it off as soon as they lay their eyes on each other, we have seen it all as high-end dating coaches for the Midwest area.

If you are new to the dating game, you’re a little rusty, or you just need an ace up your sleeve to give you a confidence boost, be sure to prepare in advance. Of course, you need to allow the evening to unfold naturally, but having just a few pre-prepared questions at the ready can help you be more confident and get through your first date unscathed. Here are six questions, proven to give executive singles the advantage when they embark on a first date.

What’s The Best Meal You’ve Ever Had?

On a first date, as in an interview, a great ice-breaker is essential. Asking a leading question like this will allow your date the opportunity to share an experience of theirs with you. Instead of getting a one-word answer to a question like “What is your favorite dish,” asking about an experience will open a dialogue. At Midwest Matchmaking, we recommend letting the conversation flow and see where it takes you.

How Do You Like To Spend Your Weekends?

To learn more about your date, you want to find out what they do in their spare time. KC executive singles are busy people, and while their professional persona might appeal to you, you should also try and learn about their personal life. They may mention a particular hobby that you enjoy too, giving you some common ground and you might start to imagine the two of you spending your weekends together.

What Makes You Laugh?

Offering exclusive matchmaking services in KC, our dating coaches know how important a good sense of humor is in any relationship. You might be all business in the office, but you want to be able to share a laugh and make each other smile when you’re out.

Do You Have A Bucket List?

Ambition is a sexy trait for the majority of KC professional singles! Having career goals is important, but having other goals in life is important too. It could be something as straightforward as having a family to a dream of completing a trip across the country. Asking about a bucket list can help you understand how much drive your date has and to understand better how they see their future.

What Was Your Most Interesting Job?

Kansas City singles come from all walks of life and all types of career backgrounds. While the person sitting across the table from you might be an investment banker now, maybe they ran their own Midwest event company once upon a time or worked overseas in another industry. This question is a great conversation starter and allows you both to share your past.

What Is The Most Difficult Thing You Have Ever Done?

A typical interview question is, “What has been the greatest challenge in your current role?” On a first date, you want to take a more gentle approach, especially if you live in the Midwest. The last thing you want is to make your date feel uncomfortable and ask them to share stories of heartache, failure, or negativity. With this question, if you handle it with charisma, you’ll find that your date will open up and feel less first date jitters. It allows them to show some vulnerability and you to get a peek into their character. One aspect our dating coaches highly recommend is that you appreciate their answer even if they handled a situation differently than you would have. Also, ensure you allow a little more of a light-hearted response as your date might opt to not dive deep into the difficulty of their life.

Exclusive Matchmaking Services In KC

Midwest Matchmaking offers exclusive matchmaking services in Kansas City to help executive leaders and professional singles find their perfect partner. With our experience and dedication, we are here to assist you with not only securing your first date but making it a success and see where it leads. Call our Midwest team of friendly dating coaches today on (816) 410-1102 to learn more about our discreet matchmaking services.