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Finding Balance – How To Juggle Work And Dating As A Single Parent CEO

15 Aug 2019

We get that parenting is a tough job. Being a single parent is particularly hard work, and when you add an executive position to the mix and all that comes with it, it can be a lot to handle. Between getting the kids ready for going back to school, preparing for your next board meeting, having the kids picked up from their after-school programs adding dating to the equation can seem like an overwhelming concept.

With the help of our exclusive matchmaking services in KC, you can learn where to focus your energy when it comes to dating, allowing you to find a balance that works for you. Our expert dating coaches at Midwest Matchmaking have come up with some straightforward strategies that Kansas City professional singles who are playing the role of both Mom and Dad can use to successfully balance their work life, parenting responsibilities and their dating life.

Have A Positive Mindset

No matter what it is that you are doing in life, having a positive approach always yields the best results. If you’re a single parent CEO trying to juggle work, family, and your dating life, you need to stay positive and not let the difficult moments frustrate you and get you down. When it comes to your dating, make sure that you are ready before getting back out there.

With so much already on your plate, it’s important to take a moment to consider if you are ready to get back out there and mingle with the other Kansas City professional singles again. Only you will know when you are truly ready, but with the help of our matchmaking services in KC, you can ease yourself back into the dating game with confidence, knowing our dating coaches are with you every step of the way.

Plan Ahead

The old adage, ‘fail to plan, plan to fail,” should be a mantra for every single parent who is trying to juggle family, career, and dating. You know that your company runs better when you are organized and looking after tasks ahead of time. To maintain a healthy work/life balance, you need to ensure that you plan ahead and allow time to enjoy with your children, handle work commitments, and make time to date.

At Midwest Matchmaking, our exclusive matchmaking services in KC can help you to secure a date with a suitable person for you. However, you need to make the time for the date, book a babysitter, and allow time to get ready so that you can enjoy your date without having your mind on other things. For many Kansas City professional singles, simply using a scheduling app to organize their time both at work and at home is very effective. If your receptionist or assistant has access to your calendar, find a convenient way to ensure that work matters cannot interrupt your date time. This will allow you and your date to spend quality time together.

Be Open With Your Children

Depending on how old your children are, you may want to let them know that you are dating again. Keeping things hidden from your children is never a good idea, and the last thing you want is to hurt the trusting relationship that you already have. If your kids understand the situation, even a little, it will make it much easier for you to balance work, kids, and dating.

On the other hand, it’s essential that you don’t let your children dictate what you do. Be careful not to share too much too early and if the time comes for them to meet your new partner, take baby steps, and let it happen as organically as possible. Whatever you do, make sure that your kids always know that they are your priority.

Allow Yourself Dating Time

With the long and often unsociable hours that many CEO’s work, in conjunction with raising children single-handedly, it can often be challenging to find time to date. Running a company and household by yourself doesn’t often leave time for much else, but you must make the time. If you want to meet other KC professional singles, then you must make it a priority.

Try setting a few hours aside one evening or lunchtime every week, or every other week, that is just for you. When our team has organized a date for you with our superb dating services in KC, you can simply schedule the date for the time that you have pre-booked in your schedule. With this approach, you will still be able to spend the usual quality time you need with your family while also having the time to meet that special someone.

Find Balance With The Help Of Midwest Matchmaking Exclusive Matchmaking Services in KC

Here at Midwest Matchmaking, we offer the most discreet and exclusive matchmaking services in KC. With the help of our personable and professional dating coaches, you can find the perfect work/life balance and finally have all the time you need for your work, your children and still have time left to date. Give us a call on (816) 410-1102 and join the list of other KC professional singles that our matchmaking coaches have helped to successfully find love.