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Risk Identification – Common Deal Breakers You Should Think Twice About

27 Sep 2019

At Midwest Matchmaking, we understand that many KC singles have a very clear image of the perfect someone they will someday lock eyes with from across the room. There’s more than likely a list of specific characteristics, attributes, qualities, interests, or even hobbies that you’d like your ideal partner to have. It’s great to have an idea of what you are a looking for in a partner and knowing what you’d like certainly helps a professional Kansas City Dating Service like us assist you in finding that special someone.

However, along with this list of must-haves, there is usually a list of deal breakers to go with it and focusing on these pre-conceived ideas of what your date should not do, say or how they should behave can be a risky move. It’s essential to allow some flexibility, as not all deal breakers really should be deal breakers. Your future partner not being successful in business may be a deal breaker for you, but the fact that they don’t run a Fortune 500 company probably shouldn’t be.

Below, our dating coaches at Midwest Matchmaking explore some of the most common deal breakers that should not always be considered to be deal breakers for KC singles searching for that someone special.

Earning Potential

Kansas City singles who are very successful in their careers often want to find a partner who can stand on their own two feet financially, and that is completely understandable. For the greatest success, you should allow some flexibility with regards to your partners earning potential. Your date could be extremely motivated, passionate, and successful but might work in an industry that is not as lucrative as yours. Their high 5-figure salary might not be as impressive as your six-figure executive-level salary, but that should not be a deal breaker. Looking for someone who is financially secure is perfectly okay but don’t focus too much on just how financially secure they are.

Where They Graduated From

Which college or University you graduated from can hold a lot of sway in a job interview, but it should not have the same impact when you are on a date. There are countless examples of ultra-successful entrepreneurs and CEO’s who have gone on to be incredibly wealthy and to have a huge influence on the world who are college dropouts or never even finished school! Steve Jobs, Anna Wintour, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg are all worth a substantial sum, and every one of them is a college dropout. Richard Branson is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time, and he didn’t even finish high school!

Try to avoid focusing on your date’s credentials or where they went to school. Instead talk to them about their accomplishments in life, their outlook and their passions. More times than not, you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Height Issue

As the premier Kansas City Dating service, our dating coaches have come across just about every combination of this common deal breaker.

“He’s too tall for me.”
“She’s too short for me.”
“I don’t go out with people the same height as me.”
“I can’t be with someone shorter than me.”

You name it, we’ve heard it! This is a classic deal breaker, that really shouldn’t be a deal breaker, but unfortunately, too many Kansas City singles get hung up on the height issue. Remember of the almost 330 million people living in America, the average height of males is 5’9, and the average female height is 5’4. If you start eliminating your dating prospects based solely on their height, you are limiting your choices from the very beginning. Focus on all of the fantastic qualities that your date has and avoid fixating on their height.

Avoid Falling Victim To Deal Breakers

For Kansas City singles, we understand that finding special someone can often seem like a daunting task. Adding the pressure of a long list of deal breakers, unfortunately, makes the dating journey quite exhausting. Avoid passing up on the chance to spend every day falling deeper in love with your soul mate just because they were two inches too short or they earned 10k less than you would have liked.

At Midwest Matchmaking, the premier KC Dating service, our relationship coaches are dedicated to helping you find that special someone. Get in touch with our team today or give us a call on (816) 410-1102 and let us help you to find your true love.