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4 Troublesome 2020 Dating Trends You Can Avoid By Hiring A Matchmaker

13 Mar 2020

At Midwest Matchmaking, we have helped countless local singles to find love through our Kansas City dating service. And, over the years, our dating coaches and matchmakers have witnessed a massive change in how people meet, interact, date, and form a relationship, including behaviors and terminology in the dating world. If you have been removed from the dating world for a while, you might be left feeling a little confused by some of the latest trends.

In the last number of years, many Kansas City singles have gone from meeting people at parties, during events and in bars to swiping left or right through pictures of strangers on their device. With new ways to meet people, flirt, and find love, it can be easy to get caught up in the latest dating trends, whether they are good or troublesome. Let’s take a look at four dating trends in 2020 that you need to be on the lookout for. And, more importantly, that you can easily avoid with the help of our Midwest Matchmaking dating service and our expert matchmakers.


At Midwest Matchmaking, our matchmakers take great pride in connecting compatible Kansas City singles and being there for them through their journey toward finding true love. When we match two people, and they go on a date, you can be sure that both individuals are excited about the date and are eager to meet their potential perfect match. This is not an evening that our clients tend to miss out on! Unfortunately, for those KC singles who have not hired a matchmaker, glamboozling has become a common, upsetting, and disturbing dating trend in 2020. This is when you have got yourself all glammed up, ready to go on your date, and you get a last-minute to call to cancel or reschedule the date. Being glamboozled is never fun, so get in touch with our professional matchmakers at Midwest Matchmaking to ensure you are connected with people who are as excited to meet you as you are to meet them.


Dial-toning is a recent dating phenomenon that is, unfortunately, becoming increasingly more popular. This is when someone gives you their number, you get in touch via phone call or text, and then they never reply. Being the victim of dial-toning can be demoralizing, and take the wind out of your sails, as receiving a number is generally an invitation to reach out. To be ignored after being brave enough to follow up with someone is not a pleasant experience. The great news is that with a professional matchmaker in your corner, this situation will never arise, as you will not be matched with people who you are not compatible with.


For Kansas City singles who have been single for a while, it can be very challenging to meet the right people. In fact, rather than use our Midwest Matchmaking dating service to find people who you have plenty in common with, share goals with and have the potential to fall madly in love with, many singles, choose to date the wrong people again and again. In 2020, this trend of consistently dating people who are completely wrong for you is known as ‘fleabagging’.

White Clawing

Getting back into the dating world can be a daunting task for any newly single person. When you are out meeting other Kansas City singles for the first time, it can be easy to get over-enthusiastic and focus too much on how attractive the other person is, and not much else. While there certainly needs to be a physical attraction of some kind, there also needs to be some form of intellectual or emotional connection and attraction too. It might be exciting to be dating someone who is really good-looking, but if that’s all they have to offer you, then you are guilty of white-clawing. Speak to our matchmakers and meet people who you are attracted to in every way and avoid this terrible 2020 dating trend.

Avoid These Terrible Dating Trends With Our Kansas City Dating Service

While the terminology used in dating nowadays and the behavior of some Kansas City singles may have changed, the game is still the same. Each and every single is looking for that special someone that they can fall deeply in love with and happily grow old with.

To navigate this new dating world successfully and avoid some of the unfortunate trends that have developed in recent years, get in touch with our team of professional matchmakers at Midwest Matchmaking. With our help, you can be sure that you will be connected with compatible Kansas City singles and avoid wasting time and energy playing games with the wrong people.