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Virtual Dating – 5 Unique Dating Ideas For Singles This Summer

31 Jul 2020

Many singles have expressed it’s a bit challenging switching to virtual dating versus meeting someone face-to-face. Now that the warmer summer months have arrived, you may be itching for those typical summer dating experiences that complement the weather again and again. The good news is that with a little imagination and creativity, you and your date can make summer memories together in the virtual realm.

Long walks in the outdoors, summer grilling, drive-through movies, visiting markets, and enjoying beers in the sunshine is what the local dating scene is all about. Singles in Omaha can normally avail of a range of fun, exciting and cultural dating possibilities that will bring you and your partner closer together. And, while these summer dating options might be out of bounds, for now, there are still lots of great ways you and your single can enjoy time together.

Below our Omaha matchmakers have put together a list of five unique virtual dating ideas just for you!

Enjoy A Grill Out Together

With all of the different video calling apps available nowadays, you and new single date can enjoy a great summer meal together, even if you’re not physically together. Organize in advance with your date what you are both going to cook and prepare the food together over a video call. Cook the same meal or try different meals and see who creates the most delicious summer feast. Most importantly, allow time to enjoy your creation together when you’re done and bond over your shared virtual grilling experience.

Visit Paris And Tour The Louvre

For something a little more cultural, why not virtually whisk your date away to Paris to tour the world’s largest art museum, The Louvre, like many museums and galleries around the world has been forced to close their doors because of the pandemic. However, some museums are operating virtual tours and are hosting special online exhibits that you and your partner can check out together, from the comfort of your own homes. If The Louvre doesn’t take your fancy, our Midwest matchmakers suggest checking out the J Paul Getty Museum in LA, The Vatican Museums, the Natural History Museum in London, the Museu de Arte de São Paulo in Brazil or any of the other virtual offerings from museums and galleries around the world to impress your date.

Watch Summer Movies Together On Netflix

On a warm, balmy summer evening, there’s nothing better than kicking back with a cold beverage, a good summer movie, and the one you admire. Although sitting next to each other on the couch might be out of reach right now, you and Omaha single can still enjoy a date night in with the help of Netflix. All you need to do is install the free Google Chrome browser extension, Netflix Party. This brilliant little add-on allows you and your date to synchronize your video-watching and has a built-in live chat feature so you can discuss what you’re watching as it’s happening, just as you would if you were there sitting next to each other.

Have Fun With Delivery Roulette

While our dating coaches at Midwest Matchmaking might not recommend this game for a first date, it’s a fun and exciting game for those who already know each other a little. If you have been on a date or two and things are going well, then why not try delivery roulette. Simply order a meal from your favorite delivery place and send it to your date’s place and have them send you a meal of their choice. Jump on a video call together once you have ordered and try to guess where you ordered from and what you chose for them. Be sure to keep it a secret until the food has arrived and then, enjoy your meal together. This is always a winner with Omaha singles looking for an exciting and intriguing summer evening with their special someone.

Take A Long Romantic Walk On The Beach

While you might not come back with sand in your toes, with a little imagination, you can your Omaha single can enjoy a long romantic walk along any beach in the world. Using Google maps, you can explore your favorite stretches of sand and share your memories, or first impressions, of these beautiful places with each other. Keep it local and head to the swimming beach at Two Rivers State Park, venture further afield to the white sands of Lake McConaughy jet off to the black sand beaches of Maui, or explore remote beaches in South East Asia. Nothing says ‘romance’ like a long walk on the beach, even if it is virtual!

Get Inventive With Your Virtual Summer Dating Ideas

While there might be some challenges for Omaha singles to overcome right now, with a little creativity, you can enjoy an amazing date with your special someone this summer. At Midwest Matchmaking, we encourage our singles to let their imaginations run wild when it comes to planning virtual dates this summer. Your date will appreciate the effort and you can be sure that your date together will be one they will always remember.

Looking to make your dating journey a little bit easier? Contact our team at Midwest Matchmaking today, or give us a call on 402-991-4053, to learn more about how you can succeed with your dating goals this summer and beyond.