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New Beginnings – 5 New Years Resolutions To Help Professionals Find Love

31 Jan 2021

As matchmakers, we understand it can be challenging for busy professional singles in Kansas City to find the time to date. Finding time to get out into the Kansas City dating scene and focus on your search for love can be limited with your work commitments. The great news is that with the right approach, and the help of our award-winning matchmaking and love coaching services, you can look forward to a new year full of possibilities.

The new year is an opportunity to reflect on what has been and improve your dating journey ahead. This will help you increase your chances of meeting the right singles in Kansas City. With our experience, we recommend adjusting the areas you wish to not have repeated before venturing into the local dating scene. Plus, as with all things in LOVE, be sure to approach dating with the right mindset and attitude.

Below, our Midwest Matchmaking shares five simple resolutions that will help you take a new approach to dating this year and improve your chances of finding that special someone.

Stop Expecting Perfection

In your professional work life, it’s essential to strive to get it right the first time. To get the next promotion, close that deal, or launch your next venture, you need to make sure that you conduct your business as near to perfect as possible. When you are looking to meet other singles in Kansas City, however, you’ll need to take a softer and possibly different approach. To find someone who can be the love of your life, you need to find someone who can complement who you are, allowing you to be you, and also someone who can assist you in getting out of your comfort zone. It’s ideal to stop focusing on the superficial things and minor flaws that don’t truly matter and start focusing on your dates assets, qualities, and adorable quirks instead.

Be More Social

Extended office hours can be draining, and the last thing you might want to do is go to dinner or venture into the Kansas dating world. Here at Midwest Matchmaking, our love coaches encourage our local clients to get out there and meet other Kansas City singles. In the vast majority of cases, love doesn’t just come to you. Conversations and making genuine connections with other KC singles are a must! To have a meaningful chance of meeting your true love this year, we recommend changing your habits just a bit if you tend to be all career and not connection. Make an effort to embrace the KC dating scene with conviction and sprinkle in some playful curiosity of “what if I find love” energy.

Trust Your Gut

When it comes to critical business decisions, you trust in your instincts. Relying on your gut has probably gotten you to where you are today in your career. This new year, be sure to do the same when it comes to your love life. Avoid overthinking things and rely on your instincts to guide you. If you like someone, then go for it! Want to meet up with a new group of Kansas City singles, then do that. Listen to your heart, rely on your instincts, and you will have every chance of meeting your ideal partner this year.

Know What You Want

While you’re single, it’s essential to take some time for you to know what you want in your next partner. When reflecting on past relationships and dates with singles, consider what worked and what didn’t help. Once you do the reflection aspect, create a strategy for improvement and then right your ship, focusing on the present. Know that who you are right now might want something entirely different from the version of you that existed a few years or even months ago. Your outlook, ambition, and motivation for dating could have changed, giving you a new perspective on what is important to you. Just as you need goals and milestones to work towards in your career, the same is true for your love life.

Embrace The Journey

If you are to make one resolution at the beginning of the year, let it be to ‘embrace the journey.’ Life is all about enjoying the little moments, celebrating the big ones, and staying engaged in between. Embrace your journey to love and take the time to appreciate all that you have to give. Learning not to stress out about where you are in your love life will allow you to relax, be in the moment and enjoy the process of meeting other KC singles more. When it comes to those first-time dates, take each moment as they come, embracing the dating journey, and enjoy every step you take to bring you closer to finding your true love.

Get Your New Year Off To The Right Start

With a blank slate, a fresh outlook, and revised goals for the new year, there is a myriad of possibilities to explore over the coming weeks and months. As a busy professional, it’s important to make time for what is important to you this year and find a healthy work-life balance. Spend more time exploring the KC dating scene, meeting other local singles, and you will increase your chances of meeting that special someone.

Here at Midwest Matchmaking, our dating coaches and matchmakers have helped countless busy professionals and executives to find love. Get in touch with our team at Midwest Matchmaking today to find out how we can help you find your perfect partner this year and beyond.