Dating Success – 6 Signs That Your First Date Went Well

28 Feb 2021

Sometimes when you come home from a date from our Kansas City Midwest Matchmaking services, you know that the date went as well as it possibly could have had. Perhaps you had a lot in common, the conversation was effortless, or you just felt a spark. Whatever the reasons might be, when things are good, it’s usually pretty clear.

Unfortunately, it’s not always so clear as to whether or not your local date went well. Oftentimes, you can think the date was a complete disaster, only to find that your date had a great time and wants to see you again. The opposite can also be true, where you think the date went great but your date didn’t agree. At Midwest Matchmaking, our Kansas City dating coaches are often asked about whether or not a date went well, and although there are no guarantees, we have outlined seven signs that typically mean that your date was a success.

Let’s take a closer look at tell-tell signs that you might have a second date to look forward to.

It Was A Long Date

When you go on a first date with one of the many incredible singles in Kansas City, you never really know how long the date is going to last. Sometimes, dinner can be an hour, other times, it can be three hours, followed by a two-hour walk and a second date the next week. Our KC matchmakers say, if your date continued for longer than expected, this is a clear sign that both you and your date enjoyed each other’s company.

The Conversation Was Balanced

Our dating coaches at Midwest Matchmaking believe that your opinion is important, and both people on a date should get an equal chance to speak and to be heard. This is a sign of respect and appreciation for the other person and what they have to say. If you come home after a date with one of the singles in KC that our matchmakers set you up with, and you feel that the other person seemed interested in you and what you had to say, take it as a good sign.

Laughing Together

Although humor might not officially be one of the five languages at love, here at Midwest Matchmaking, we believe it could certainly be the sixth. Finding humor in similar things is important for two people to connect in an honest and meaningful way. If you are laughing at each other’s jokes and find the same things funny during your date, you should consider this a little win. When you’re meeting other singles in Kansas City, don’t be afraid to be yourself, crack a joke and share a laugh. With this approach, you will quickly know if you and your date click or not.

Focusing On Interesting Differences

While having things in common can definitely help two people to connect, being very different can do the same. As the old adage goes, “opposites attract.” Sometimes you can be so interested in the differences between each other that it makes you more eager to get to know each other more over time. If you find commonalities in your differences and that gives you plenty to talk about, then that is a good thing and something you should embrace.

The Right Kind Of Contact

Getting out there and meeting other singles in KC can be nerve-wracking. Going on a first date, you never know what to expect, and you want to ensure that you give yourself every chance of connecting with your date. As professional matchmakers, we always guide our clients in being on the lookout for genuine eye contact and open posturing.

If your date makes eye contact with you a lot throughout the night, it can be a sign that they trust you and that they are trying to connect with you. When it comes to open posturing, if there’s a subtle leaning in or forward as you are talking, this can show that they feel comfortable around you. In addition, this is a great non-verbal communicator that your KC single might be interested in you.

You Never Felt Nervous

Going on a first date with other singles in Kansas City often comes with its fair share of sweaty palms, awkward moments, and lapses in conversation. At Midwest Matchmaking, we advise our clients that first dates always have an air of unknownness to them. After all, this is often the first time you have ever met the person across the way from you, you don’t know much about them, and you both know what’s at stake. Other than the first date jitters, if you didn’t get anxious or nervous, the conversation flowed, and you felt relaxed, and at ease, you should be pleased. Being comfortable with your date and them being comfortable with you is a sign that there is hope for you moving forward.

Make Sure Your First Date Goes As Well As Possible

Going on a first date should be an exciting moment, but, understandably, that excitement is often shrouded with anxiety. Opening up to someone and trying to connect can be difficult, and sometimes you might think that things didn’t go as well as they could have had. When you turn up to meet other singles in Kansas City, be sure to arrive with a positive attitude, an open mind, and a readiness to embrace possibility. With the right mindset, you will have every chance of ensuring that your date goes brilliantly and that you meet your soul mate.

Get in touch with our award-winning team of matchmakers and dating coaches at Midwest Matchmaking today, and let us help you to connect with singles in KC that you will have every chance of connecting with.