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Company Courtships – How To Best Handle A Potential Office Romance

30 Jun 2021

At Midwest Matchmaking, we understand that love can sometimes be found in the most unlikely of places. Our expert dating coaches have helped countless singles navigate the often tricky office romance situation. When dealt with the right way and with the expert guidance of our dating coaches, singles in Kansas City can manage an office romance appropriately to ensure a happy ending.

Getting out there and meeting other singles in Kansas City is exciting. Getting to know new people, mingling with attractive singles in KC, and embracing the journey to true love is essential in ensuring you enjoy the dating experience. And, sometimes that special someone you have been searching for can be right at the desk across the hall. Below, our matchmakers outline some tips to help you handle an office romance successfully.

Continue reading to learn how you can ensure that your office romance has a fairy tale ending.

Do It For The Right Reasons

If you find yourself in an office romance, take a step back for a moment and make sure that you are dating this person for the right reason. Office life can often get tedious, and sometimes people will start an office romance as they spend so much time at the office or create a little drama by spicing things up a bit. At Midwest Matchmaking, our matchmakers believe in connecting compatible singles in KC that they will have every chance of falling madly in love with. If you are in an office romance, make sure that you are in it for the right reasons and that you are not simply trying to find a way to break the monotony of the daily grind.

Know That It’s Real

When you’re out in the dating world meeting other singles in Kansas City, there are certain things that you are keeping an eye out for in a potential partner. An office romance can often result from spending more time than usual with someone on a project and not based on any real connection. Ask yourself if you would be interested in this person if you met them at a restaurant or a bar? If it’s the real deal, at Midwest Matchmaking, we say go for it! However, if it’s a passing crush or a fling, then it might not be worth spoiling your professional relationship and disrupting the office ecosystem.

Consult Company Policy

Some companies have policies in place that don’t allow colleagues to date. Even many modern, software-thinking startups are against inter-office relationships as they feel it can impact the productivity of the employees and the team as a whole, distracting the team from work. Consult your company policy and find out if dating a single co-worker will be tolerated or not. You may be required to inform management, share the news with your co-workers or even sign a contract, so be sure that you proceed with caution to avoid any major issues.

Speak To Your Boss

Our matchmakers recommend that as a sign of professional courtesy, you should make a point of telling your boss about your new relationship with your co-worker. If your boss finds out about your relationship through the rumor mill, they might feel left out of the internal workings of the office and look down on your relationship negatively. On the other hand, if you approach your boss together and share the good news, they will most likely appreciate you going to the effort of keeping them in the loop with what is happening in the office.

Separate Personal And Professional

When working alongside someone you are dating, things can get tricky if you don’t handle the situation correctly. Our Midwest Matchmaking dating coaches recommend that you keep your personal relationships and your office relationships separate. Avoid telling stories or gossiping about your dating life when you’re at work. Instead, aim to remain professional to avoid creating any unnecessary tension among your colleagues in the office.

Remain Professional At All Times In The Office

While your co-workers might be genuinely delighted for you and your partner’s new relationship status, our matchmakers advise keeping it professional. Hiding your relationship is not the answer but being discrete and remaining professional is crucial in ensuring that your co-workers take you seriously in your role in the company. Flirting with each other and public displays of affection should be reserved for outside of office hours. Likewise, if you have a lover’s quarrel, be sure to leave your personal feelings at the door and carry yourself professionally while you are in the office.

Embrace Your New Found Office Romance And See Where It Takes You

Office romances can be complicated, and if handled the wrong way, you could jeopardize your career. If your company doesn’t allow office romances, it might not be worth risking your career over. After all, while a blind eye might be turned at your local office where everyone knows you, one call to the higher-ups leads to you and your partner looking for jobs elsewhere. At Midwest Matchmaking, we are firm believers in true love and encourage everyone to search passionately for that perfect partner. If your soul mate happens to be a colleague of all the singles in Kansas City, you might not want to pass up the chance for true love.

To help you navigate the KC dating world with confidence, get in contact with our matchmakers today. With the help of our expert dating coaches, you can be sure that you will have every chance of meeting the right singles in Kansas City and finding your perfect partner, wherever they may be hiding.