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5 Unusual New Dating Trends Every Single Person Should Be Aware Of

15 Mar 2022

Dating can often be exciting and daunting in equal measure. On the one hand, you want to get out there, meet other singles, and have a great time. On the other, you want to make sure that you make a great first impression, give an excellent account of yourself, and not feel embarrassed or self-conscious.

At Midwest Matchmaking, we have worked with countless singles, and we understand entirely how nervous many people can get when it comes to dating. Putting yourself out there, meeting new people for the first time, and beginning the search for love can be difficult, but with our help, you can be sure that everything will go as smoothly as possible.

Whether you lack self-confidence, self-belief, or have been hurt too many times in the past, you might feel that you are not ready to date. Our matchmakers work closely with our single clients to help them realize their true potential and understand just how amazing they really are.

As nervous as you might be, you can be sure that any singles you will be meeting will be feeling the same way. Our local matchmakers can also help prepare you for the modern dating scene and ensure that you are up-to-date with the latest dating trends. Knowing what to expect when you venture out to meet other singles will help you be more confident and prepared for your journey to finding true love.

Below, our matchmakers share five unusual dating trends that every single person should be aware of in the current dating landscape.


One strange new trend in dating that our matchmakers advise you to understand is Hardballing. This is a tactic that many singles are using to streamline the dating process and better understand exactly what they are looking for. Hardballing means taking the time to consider exactly what you want from your date before you ever even go on a date. Taking this approach can help save you time, money, hassle, and disappointment, as you will have a clear picture of what you are looking for, putting you in a better position to manage your expectations when you date.


At Midwest Matchmaking, we have noticed a massive rise in the trend of slow-dating over the last few years. Slow dating is undoubtedly a positive trend; however, not everyone is into it, so if you want to take this approach, it’s crucial that you are upfront about it and that your date understands your outlook. Slow dating is exactly what it sounds like. It means taking the time to get to know someone properly before you dive into anything too serious. Getting to know the person a little better before getting physical, going away together, or introducing someone to your inner circle can often be beneficial in the long run when it comes to finding love.


Breadcrumbing is the modern incarnation of leading people on but has a slightly more sinister edge. In days gone by, singles may have found themselves in a situation where the person they were dating was giving them false hope about the status of their relationship. With the breadcrumbing technique, the breadcrumber will lead the other person to believe that they are in a meaningful relationship, but this is not necessarily true. In addition, the breadcrumbers can disappear at a moment’s notice without any warning and have no remorse for it if they resurface. They will generally be elusive for long periods, but as soon as you question the situation, they will throw you another ‘breadcrumb’ of hope, such as agreeing to a date. However, they will generally not follow through and keep stringing you along. Our matchmakers advise you to run from these relationships and let our award-winning local matchmakers connect you with someone who truly cares about you.


With more opportunities to connect with people online before you ever meet them in person, any singles do everything they can to put their best foot forward. Every single is guilty of putting their best pictures front and center on their social media and online dating profiles to make the best impression possible on potential partners. However, voice-fishing takes things to another level. Voice-fishing is where people leave messages for the people they are dating but disguise their voice to make it sound more attractive. This trend is an unfortunate sign of the times we live in and is not something that we recommend. In fact, our local matchmakers always advise our single clients to be themselves and to embrace their authentic selves to have every chance of finding true love.


Stashing is another new dating trend that has can be hurtful, depending on how much a part of your dates life you would like to be. This trend involves keeping the person you are dating separately from your friends, family, and the rest of your life. When you bump into people with your date, you might not introduce them properly, you may not introduce them to your family or friends, and you might keep them away from your work colleagues. While stashing can be a common trend in the early stages of a relationship while you are still figuring things out, if it continues as you become closer, it can quickly become a problem, leading to hurt and confusion.

Our Local Matchmakers Can Help You In The Modern Dating Scene

Whether you have been on a short break from dating, you are returning after a long hiatus, you’re recently single or divorced, or simply want to have more success with your love life, our local matchmakers at Midwest Matchmaking are always here to help. Contact us today to find out how we can help you prepare for the new world of dating, so you have every chance of finding your special someone. We have helped countless singles throughout the Midwest to navigate the modern dating scene with confidence to find love, and we can do the same for you.