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Ready To Start Looking For Your Soulmate? View These Trends First!

31 Mar 2022

As professional matchmakers, we understand how difficult dating can be. Whether you are recently single in the surrounding area, newly divorced, or haven’t found that special someone yet, getting out there and meeting new people can be intimidating.

When it comes to dating specifically, trends change over time. What our grandparents did might not work out well for us, and what many did during the pandemic may no longer be in alignment with the connection one is seeking in finding love.

If you’re single and have been out of the dating game for a while, you must be ready for the dating journey.

Many old dating rules no longer apply to singles or the surrounding area. At Midwest Matchmaking, our matchmakers have seen approaches to dating change significantly over the last number of years, with technology having a significant impact on how people meet and interact. However, while the methods around dating may have changed, the core principles and dating goals have essentially remained the same. Today, at Midwest Matchmaking have the same intention as when we first began our matchmaking business – to connect compatible singles who will have every chance of falling in love and living happily ever after. The world of dating might look different for singles nowadays, but ultimately a meaningful, loving relationship is all that any one of us is looking for.

Below, our matchmakers share some of the latest dating trends emerging in 2022, so you can take the right approach and feel more confident when you’re there trying to connect with our like-minded singles in your area.

Embrace What’s New

The process of finding love had already become more tech-centric, with more singles jumping on dating apps and contacting matchmaking services online. However, the pandemic accelerated these changes significantly. More people have dated over video platforms and have found ways to get a genuine connection, even if it is over the internet. At Midwest Matchmaking, we have seen many of these new ways of dating stick around. If you are new to the dating game or returning after a long hiatus, you must be aware of these changes.

Being More Open-Minded

To ensure that you have every chance of finding true love, our local matchmakers advise singles and the surrounding area to work with to keep an open mind. There are countless places where you could meet your perfect partner, like at a bar, at the store, at a business conference, at the theatre, or through an experienced matchmaking service.

Broaden Your Criteria

In addition to being open-minded about where you might meet your future single, you also need to ensure you are not taking a narrow-minded approach. Having an idea of the type of person you want to date is always a good idea. However, just because someone you date hasn’t gone to a particular school, is shorter or taller than you like, is blonde rather than brunette, or doesn’t earn a huge salary, you should not overlook them. At Midwest Matchmaking, our matchmakers believe that your true love could always be around the next corner, but you need to be open-minded enough to ensure that you give yourself every chance of finding them.

Commit To Finding Your True Love

If you have been keeping your ex in the picture, you engage in casual hookups with the same few people, or you are stringing someone along that you might one day be interested in, it’s time for a reality check. All of these possibilities are doing nothing but giving you false hope. Having these security blankets in place typically does more harm than good. Our local matchmakers always advise our clients to commit 100% to the dating process to find love. Holding onto these past’ relationships’ or ‘maybe-partners’ can be a significant roadblock to your dating success. You probably already know that these relationships, or possible relationships, will never work in the long term, so put an end to them now and start focusing on finding someone you can indeed be happy with.

Practicing Self-Love

We are in a time when looking after your physical and mental health is more important than ever. There are countless podcasts, blog posts, coaching services, and wellness apps to help you be your best self. Take the time to look after yourself and make sure that you are ready to bring your A-game when you’re dating other singles in your area. Improving your self-confidence, being comfortable in your own skin, and putting your best foot forward will ensure you have every chance of meeting your true love, especially with the help of our local matchmakers at Midwest Matchmaking.

Take An Updated Approach

You may have heard of some old-school dating rules such as the ‘three date rule,’ ‘not kissing on the first date,’ or ‘waiting three days to call after date number one.’ At Midwest Matchmaking, we can confidently tell you that these so-called ‘rules’ are firmly a thing of the past. You are your own person, so be sure to do whatever you feel comfortable with.

If you have an amazing connection with someone and feel the same about you, feel free to message them when you get home to tell them you had a great time! We live in an age of individual empowerment, so forget the ‘rules’ and do what you feel is right for you.

Find Your Perfect Single With Our Matchmaking Services

Our local matchmakers take great pride in helping singles find their perfect partners. We have connected countless compatible singles through our award-winning local matchmaking services, and we can do the very same for you. Contact us today to take the first step toward finding your true love and give yourself every chance of finding that special someone.