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Single Business Professionals Are In The Perfect Position To Find A Partner

01 Apr 2022

We get it. You’re a business pro, and you’ve been single for a while now, but no one quite strikes your fancy? That doesn’t have to be true! As local matchmakers, we know how hard dating can sometimes be when you are rocking your career – especially when you are accomplishing goal after goal, which makes you happy in most areas of your life. We also understand that missing that one piece, or should we say, missing that one person, can leave a big hole in your happiness if you have not found “the ONE” just yet.

The truth is that dating as a business professional who is single will never be easy as you more than likely know, understand, and value your time. Sometimes mastering the boardroom or a specific industry can leave you not having a guide of what the dating world looks like as a professional single. You might feel that you wish to control the task of dating itself but find that you are connecting with other singles in Des Moines or the local area looking for everything except the idea of a life partner.

This is where our Midwest Matchmaking team comes to the rescue! We understand and respect that you might not have the actual ‘free’ time to date and meet people with whom you have nothing in common. The unique dating process of our 1:1 matchmaking services helps us find genuine, authentic connections with other singles in Des Moines or the surrounding areas who would admire the drive for success. In addition, our local matchmakers assist singles in finding a variety of quality connections, leading to time being invested for all singles.

Invest In Yourself Today By Hiring A Professional Matchmaker

The sooner you realize that your love life is worth investing time and the cost for our team of local matchmakers to assist you in dating, the closer you will be to finding that special someone. Often, singles in Des Moines or the local areas face the problem of pouring resources such as time, money, and energy into other singles that are not ideal for them. No matter how careful you are, it’s easy to get into the ‘honeymoon’ phase with a single sitting across from you – finding out only a handful of weeks later that they are not as interested in a deep connection can leave someone defeated.

Part of our coaching and matchmaking process is to assist the singles that hire us in discovering and understanding the dealbreakers, the non-negotiables, and the precious things, circumstances, and situations you hold deep in your heart that makes your good energy flowin’. This results in us finding you other singles in Des Moines or local areas who are great communicators, goal accomplishers, trustworthy, and truly happy.

“But, I’m A Successful Professional; I Don’t Think I Need A Matchmaker!”

If this is your thinking, you might be correct, but here’s the thing – you’ve already mastered so many skills in your professional world that it can often be difficult trying new things like dating! We realize that you, as a single, don’t need to be rescued or saved – that’s not what we are here for. A single can be a total rockstar in the board room or in the seat of running your career; however, you might find that you’re shy about being vulnerable about things close to your heart.

Often those who are incredibly successful in their business can become quiet people when meeting other singles. We call this the ‘invisible presence’ in your life, or a better way of saying it is that since dating can bring out the soft part of your personality, you might find that you are a bit introverted at the beginning of your dating journey.

If you feel just a bit unsure or uncomfortable with hiring a professional matchmaker, we suggest just give us a call or fill out our contact form and go from there. We’ve helped singles in Des Moines and throughout the Midwest with all types of backgrounds dip their toes back into the dating scene, narrow down specifically who and what they want in a life partner, and have assisted in making quality connections happen.

Our team of local matchmakers knows that finding love can be challenging for single professionals. If you’re looking for a partner who shares your same career goals and interests, look beyond our Midwest Matchmaking services!