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Are You Single And Feeling Lonely? Our Matchmakers Can Help!

15 Apr 2022

We’ve all been there before, a moment where we know who we are and what we can offer another looking for love, yet there is little success in making it past those first dates. When it comes to finding love, there are many options available. As professional matchmakers, we’re aware meeting someone at the bar or even meeting a single at a close friend’s party can be easy sometimes when it comes to dating. The challenge is that sometimes these connections lead to being nothing more than surface chat or someone seeking a hookup only. When searching for true love, this is where a local matchmaker comes in and adds some ease to your dating journey. Whether you are single in Des Moines or located anywhere in the midwest, our Midwest Matchmaking team can make sure all your needs get met by connecting you with quality singles who share similar values as yours so that one day soon, these people might become part of your life too!

The Spark Is Important

Connecting with a single who you met on your own or from an introduction is excellent, and your time together might light the spark you need to make that experience go a bit deeper. However, often when a single attempts the dating journey alone, it leads to spending more time in person with that fellow single in Des Moines or the surrounding areas that someone thought would be great for you, and reality sets in that the date didn’t go as planned. Or, maybe the whole first ‘official’ date was even worse than you expected!

At Midwest Matchmaking, we realize that hiring a professional matchmaker might be new to you in your dating journey, but we can tell you that it is worth every minute, which is way less scary than many might think. We help singles in Des Moines and throughout the Midwest have a fantastic dating experience by removing the daunting and often not-so-friendly vibe that many singles meet online or in the club. We connect local singles with things in common, allowing all parties involved to invest their precious time and energy with connections that could lead to an initial spark.

A Local Matchmakers Mission Is You

One of the primary missions for our professional matchmakers at Midwest Matchmaking is to put you first. This allows our team to constantly look for quality single individuals who seek genuine love and connection. Keeping eyes and ears open outside of the traditional work hours allows many local matchmakers to find strong matches for their clientele.

We find qualified solid matches versus the deal-breakers or duds a single might find when they decide to date independently. We know that the opportunity for sparks is on the surface with all single clients we set up on a first date! And, we’re good at ensuring our single clientele are understood and listened to. Sometimes, it’s not always about what a single person wants, but what they are not looking for in a relationship can be the one shift needed to find true love. That’s where we come in; we listen, tell you the truth, and make your time the best that it can be, allowing you to avoid wasting precious hours messaging and swiping.

Are You Ready To Find Quality Connections With Local Singles?

Maybe it’s time you looked into hiring a professional matchmaker so you can get connected with single individuals that have similar interests and values. If you’re ready, we are just one contact away! At Midwest Matchmaking, we are always private and discreet. We allow you access to the qualified pool of singles ready to find their life partner and start building a life together.