Fall in Love with St. Louis: Matchmaker-Approved Date Ideas for the Autumn Season

12 Sep 2023

The amber hues of autumn leaves, the gentle caress of a cool breeze, and the tantalizing aroma of pumpkin spice—fall in St. Louis is nothing short of magical. For couples and hopeful singles, it’s the perfect season to kindle romance and create unforgettable memories. As both a seasoned St. Louis matchmaker and dating coach, I’ve seen countless relationships blossom in this enchanting season. To help you make the most of the autumnal splendor, here’s a curated list of date ideas, each capturing the essence of St. Louis and the romantic spirit of fall.

1. A Picturesque Picnic at Forest Park

Why it’s romantic: The sprawling 1,300 acres of Forest Park, with its shimmering lakes and golden canopies, provides an idyllic setting for a cozy fall picnic. Lay out a blanket, pack some artisanal cheese, fresh apple cider, and perhaps a pumpkin pie to share.

St. Louis dating coach tip: Engaging in shared activities, like setting up a picnic or playing a light-hearted game, can help build rapport and break the ice, especially for newer couples.

2. Explore the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Lantern Festival

Why it’s romantic: The mesmerizing lantern displays, set against the backdrop of the garden’s fall foliage, create a dreamy ambiance perfect for a St. Louis date night. The twinkling lights and artistic installations tell tales of far-off lands, allowing couples to embark on a magical journey without leaving the city.

3. Romantic Stroll Through Historic Soulard

Why it’s romantic: The red-brick townhouses, bustling markets, and lively bistros of Soulard are particularly enchanting during fall. The district’s rich history and vibrant atmosphere make it perfect for a leisurely walk, hand in hand, discovering hidden gems along the way.

St. Louis matchmaker insight: Shared discoveries and spontaneous moments often lead to the most memorable dates. Let your curiosity guide you through Soulard.

4. Wine Tasting at Chandler Hill Vineyards

Why it’s romantic: Located just a short drive from St. Louis, Chandler Hill offers a delightful escape into the world of winemaking. Autumn brings the grape harvest, making it an ideal time for couples to indulge in wine tasting, paired with panoramic views of the changing landscape.

5. Evening Ride on the St. Louis Wheel

Why it’s romantic: As the sun sets, painting the sky in shades of orange and pink, the St. Louis Wheel at Union Station offers couples a bird’s-eye view of the city. The gently turning wheel and the intimate gondolas provide a quiet space to enjoy the city lights and each other’s company.

Dating in St. Louis tip: Follow up the wheel ride with a warm beverage at a nearby café, extending the date and allowing more time for connection.

6. Couples Cooking Class at Kitchen Conservatory

Why it’s romantic: There’s something deeply bonding about creating a meal together. The Kitchen Conservatory offers various cooking classes, perfect for couples looking to spice up their dating repertoire. From autumn pies to hearty soups, the shared experience is sure to stir up some romance.

7. Attend a Fall Festival or Outdoor Concert

Why it’s romantic: St. Louis comes alive with fall festivals, celebrating everything from art and music to food and culture. These events offer a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for couples to explore together.

St. Louis dating coach advice: Shared experiences, especially in community settings, can enhance the sense of togetherness and shared values, essential components for lasting relationships.

8. Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride in Downtown St. Louis

Why it’s romantic: Experience the charm of a bygone era with a horse-drawn carriage ride. As the streets of St. Louis shimmer under the soft glow of streetlights, snuggle up with your date and revel in the magic of the moment.

9. Capture Memories with a Fall Photoshoot

Why it’s romantic: The vibrant colors of fall provide the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot. Whether it’s at a local park or a historic monument, capturing moments together can be both fun and romantic.

St. Louis matchmaker suggestion: Use the photos to create a scrapbook or digital album, chronicling your journey of love in the heart of the Midwest.

In the Warm Embrace of Fall…

As the city dons its autumnal attire, there’s no better time for romance in St. Louis. Whether you’re just starting on your dating journey or rekindling an old flame, the season offers myriad opportunities for unforgettable moments. With the insights of a St. Louis matchmaker and dating coach, you’re well-equipped to navigate the romantic terrains of the city, finding love amidst the falling leaves. So, embrace the season, and let St. Louis be the canvas for your autumnal love story.