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Midwest Matchmaking’s 5 Reasons to Date Outside your Comfort Zone

where to meet single women in kansas city

Our Midwest Matchmaking Cupids know that when our clients have tossed their list, your options quadruple. Once you’re open to more tastes, you will automatically be open to more experiences…and, new people. One of those, you might even fall in love with! Fight the temptation to “label.” Plenty of connections start out platonically, or with  …

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Midwest Matchmaking Explains the “I’m Not Ready for a Relationship” Excuse

where to meet singles in des moines

Midwest Matchmaking clients complain to us every so often, that a match they were really excited about and felt they hit it off with, told them at the close of their date, or even several months in, “I’m just not ready for a relationship.” Clearly, for singles hiring a Midwest matchmaker for the sole purposes …


Do Politics Guide Your Dating Decisions? Des Moines Area Singles are Likely to Check Out Your Political Leanings Before Making a Connection

How Young Professionals in the Midwest Date Smart

Des Moines is at the center of much political debate, from the primaries each year to the dating scene. More than ever before, Midwest Matchmaking finds Des Moines singles asking “which side of the aisle?” before they’ll even agree to meet a potential match. In fact, Midwest singles aren’t the only ones who are putting political values at the top of the list of “deal breakers” – even rising above “great sex” in the list of relationship must haves.


Midwest Matchmaking’s April Bachelors of the Month

how to meet singles in des moines

Kansas City, single ladies, Midwest Matchmaking once again spotlights this month’s eligible single bachelors across Middle America. Our Midwest dating coaches are searching every direction for the right women to marry these sweethearts off to, and are hoping you, or someone you know who is looking for love, might just be that person! Now, get …

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The Law of Attraction: Find Your Soul Mate in Kansas City by Focusing on What You Want in a Relationship

kansas city professional singles (Midwest Matchmaking can help you)

In a city the size of Kansas City, it can seem like that special person you’re actively seeking to have in our life long term can almost seem impossible. As professional Kansas City matchmakers, we’re happy to tell you there are a lot of KC singles out there and they could very well measure up to be the type of person you’d want to join in a long-term relationship. But, first, we need to ensure you’re using your energy and attention to the highest.

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What Midwest Matchmaking Thinks Posting Outdated Photos of Yourself Online Says about You

where to meet single men in kansas city

Midwest Matchmaking has Kansas City singles join our service constantly based on one of the most consistent problems online dating is notorious for: you show up to finally meet that new match and come to discover,  their photos are from 15 years ago. It’s an online dating tale as old as the technology itself. Now, …

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Midwest Matchmaking Women Member Spotlight Blog

single ankeny women

Midwest Matchmaking has great news! It’s that time again where our Cupids are ready to make a local love connection. Our Midwest matchmakers have rounded up three of our most amazing single female clients from their 30s-60s who are looking for a special gentleman to enjoy life with.  If any of you or your single …

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Dating a Younger KC Woman: One Great Reason Why You Should (And Some Important Reasons Why Maybe You Shouldn’t)

single male in kansas city looking for young love

There are plenty of eligible young women in the Kansas City area, but if you are a single older man who is looking to date someone 10 or more years younger, there are some important things to consider before you make a move to a new age bracket of KC singles.