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The Interview Approach: 6 First Date Questions To Prepare You For Success in Kansas City

Exclusive Matchmaking Services In KC By Midwest Matchmaking

Whether you have been on the dating scene for a while or you are new to Kansas City, first dates can be awkward. When you are meeting other KC professional singles, it’s essential that you are prepared. If you are searching for a new executive position, you would have a game plan in place, and for KC singles, it’s vital that you do the same when meeting your potential partner.

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What To Do If You’ve Reached The Pinnacle Of Your KC Career But Have Yet To Find A Fulfilling Relationship

KC Professional Seeking Love Call Midwest Matchmaking

Midwest Matchmaking doesn’t believe that the length of your relationship wish list has to limit your ability to meet the one special person your heart has been seeking. It may just mean that you’ll have to look a little harder, or even ask for help, in order to identify a suitable match for your lifestyle and personal preferences.

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Midwest Matchmaking June Bachelorettes of the Month

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It’s that time again, Omaha singles, and if you’re an unattached male in the area, you’re in luck! This month’s Midwest singles are one of a kind amazing women, and relationship ready.  For a decade now, Midwest Matchmaking has been the region’s go-to agency for busy, professional singles who are serious about finding the love …

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KC Single, Have You Been Told You Are “Too Picky” In Seeking A KC Life Partner?

It’s Time To Call Kansas City Professional Singles, It's Time To Call Midwest Matchmaking

If only you were as lucky in love as you seem to have been in business. Are we right? For successful professionals, this is often the case. Spending so much time in the boardroom leaves little time for anything else, especially building satisfying and long-term relationships.

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Wanted In Kansas City: Smart, Successful And Elegant Life Partner For Exclusive Dating Relationship

Are you a Kansas City professional looking for love? Midwest Matchmaking can help!

As a successful and single Kansas City professional, finding someone who can navigate in the same social circles where you spend your time can be difficult. The expectations of a high-profile lifestyle aren’t simple or well-defined and finding other singles who can walk confidently beside you in these situations isn’t as easy as downloading an app or taking out an advertisement in the Kansas City Star.

Midwest Matchmaking in Kansas City provides exclusive dating and matchmaking services, specializing in connecting highly successful singles with others who share similar backgrounds and possess the level of social sophistication required to navigate confidently in any situation.

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If Love was a Business Strategy, What Advice Would You Give Yourself?

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Over the years, Midwest Matchmaking has worked with many successful professionals in the Kansas City area who needed a just a little help finding the right kind of partner for the lifestyle they’ve built. From the outside looking in, one might think that success in business automatically means similar success in finding a relationship, but that typically isn’t the case and for a few good reasons.

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Tips To Finding A Long-Term, Sustainable Relationship In Kansas City When You Barely Have Time For Lunch

Midwest Matchmaking is here to help busy Kansas City professionals

When you were building the successful life you now lead, did anyone ever tell you that you’d be this busy, overcommitted and have so many demands that need juggling? If they had, you may not have believed it; or, put the thought that you’d never be so busy that you couldn’t find other singles in Kansas City who might one day fill the important role of serving as your life partner.

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Busy KC Professional? Chances Are You Are Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

It’s Time To Call Kansas City Professional Singles, It's Time To Call Midwest Matchmaking

There is a certain stage in life when it just doesn’t make sense anymore to rely on the same old tactics to meet other singles. During college, the bar scene or the local coffee shop may have been “the place” to meet other eager singles who were also looking for a date. Some singles meet at church, or the supermarket or by happenstance as they go about their lives.

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Midwest Matchmaking’s 5 Reasons to Date Outside your Comfort Zone

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Our Midwest Matchmaking Cupids know that when our clients have tossed their list, your options quadruple. Once you’re open to more tastes, you will automatically be open to more experiences…and, new people. One of those, you might even fall in love with! Fight the temptation to “label.” Plenty of connections start out platonically, or with  …

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Midwest Matchmaking Explains the “I’m Not Ready for a Relationship” Excuse

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Midwest Matchmaking clients complain to us every so often, that a match they were really excited about and felt they hit it off with, told them at the close of their date, or even several months in, “I’m just not ready for a relationship.” Clearly, for singles hiring a Midwest matchmaker for the sole purposes …