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5 Approaches to Finding Love

where to meet singles in des moines

Despite the popularity of online dating apps and websites in today’s market, Midwest Matchmaking has found that professional matchmaking is actually more popular than ever before. Clients all over the U.S. are handing things over to professionals in this industry at a surprising rate, and it only means that our Omaha singles are more serious …

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Midwest Matchmaking June Bachelorettes of the Month

how to meet des moines single women

It’s that time again, Omaha singles, and if you’re an unattached male in the area, you’re in luck! This month’s Midwest singles are one of a kind amazing women, and relationship ready.  For a decade now, Midwest Matchmaking has been the region’s go-to agency for busy, professional singles who are serious about finding the love …

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3 Tips to Help Men Not Suck at Dating

dating confident men

Midwest Matchmaking has a pretty simple solution to the thousands of single men in Omaha who come to us looking for help being more successful in dating: Confidence. A confident man lands dates and conducts them with authority. An insecure man seems to whisper, “Just ignore me—I’m nothing special.” Our Omaha matchmakers firmly believe that …

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Midwest Matchmaking’s June Bachelors of the Month

single women in sioux falls

It’s that time again, Omaha singles. Our local matchmakers are here to discuss a huge aspect of your dating parameters that might be keeping you single for longer than your fabulous self should be. And that is: limiting yourself on the distance you are open to traveling to meet a great match. Think about it: …

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Midwest Matchmaking’s How Self-Love Leads to True Love

low self esteem fixes

As relationship experts at Midwest Matchmaking, we understand that having a healthy self-esteem is a prerequisite for a healthy relationship. Without self-love, we’re not capable of truly loving others. But why this connection is so crucial is what many singles in Omaha aren’t familiar with. Midwest Matchmaking on Omaha singles dealing with low self-esteem There is …

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Midwest Matchmaking’s May Bachelorettes

single ankeny women

It’s that time again, Omaha singles, where the Cupids of Midwest Matchmaking spotlight our beautiful, professional, serious-minded single ladies looking for their love.  If you’re single yourself, or know a lovely gentleman who might be interested in one of these clients of ours, and fit what they are looking for, shoot us an email or …

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Midwest Matchmaking’s 5 Ways to Date as a Single Parent

how to meet single parents in omaha

Dating is a minefield, no matter what situation you’ve found yourself in, and Midwest Matchmaking knows it can be incredibly daunting to open yourself up to love in Omaha. But dating as a single parent, suddenly, things can feel even more overwhelming.  Singles in Omaha who have kids might feel a stigma attached to the …

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Midwest Matchmaking’s May Bachelors of the Month

single women in sioux falls

It’s springtime, singles in Omaha, which means love is in the air and Midwest Matchmaking is here to make that happen for you! Everyday, our Omaha matchmakers help hundreds of singles in Omaha meet each other with the purpose of forming long-lasting connections.  So, if dating in Omaha has run dry for you online or …

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Midwest Matchmaking on How to Improve your Sex Life

where to meet omaha singles

If you suffer from a low libido, Midwest Matchmaking thinks your home might just be the culprit! Our Omaha matchmakers know from our own research that the physical environment in your house can have a big impact on your libido and how attractive and sexy you might feel. That’s why, from unmade beds to invasive …