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Midwest Matchmaking’s 5 Ways to Date as a Single Parent

how to meet single parents in omaha

Dating is a minefield, no matter what situation you’ve found yourself in, and Midwest Matchmaking knows it can be incredibly daunting to open yourself up to love in Omaha. But dating as a single parent, suddenly, things can feel even more overwhelming.  Singles in Omaha who have kids might feel a stigma attached to the …

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Midwest Matchmaking’s May Bachelors of the Month

single women in sioux falls

It’s springtime, singles in Omaha, which means love is in the air and Midwest Matchmaking is here to make that happen for you! Everyday, our Omaha matchmakers help hundreds of singles in Omaha meet each other with the purpose of forming long-lasting connections.  So, if dating in Omaha has run dry for you online or …

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Tips for Dating the CEO: Upscale Dating in Des Moines Requires a Different Approach

Des Moines Single CEO (Professional Executive Dating)

By the time someone has reached the c-suite, they have come to expect a certain level of quality in the relationships they pursue. Whether you’re a woman leading one of Des Moines’ Fortune 500 companies, or an accomplished man at the helm of a successful central Iowa corporation, as professional matchmakers, we’ve found the types of single individuals likely to complement that kind of exclusive lifestyle are unique.

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Midwest Matchmaking on How to Improve your Sex Life

where to meet omaha singles

If you suffer from a low libido, Midwest Matchmaking thinks your home might just be the culprit! Our Omaha matchmakers know from our own research that the physical environment in your house can have a big impact on your libido and how attractive and sexy you might feel. That’s why, from unmade beds to invasive …

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Tips To Finding A Long-Term, Sustainable Relationship In Kansas City When You Barely Have Time For Lunch

Midwest Matchmaking is here to help busy Kansas City professionals

When you were building the successful life you now lead, did anyone ever tell you that you’d be this busy, overcommitted and have so many demands that need juggling? If they had, you may not have believed it; or, put the thought that you’d never be so busy that you couldn’t find other singles in Kansas City who might one day fill the important role of serving as your life partner.

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Midwest Matchmaking’s Announces our Springtime Bachelorettes

where to meet singles in nebraska

Spring is here, which means love is in the air! Even more often than usual in our business. Midwest Matchmaking announces our monthly members looking for love, and these women may just be looking for you!  Below are some descriptions of April’s ladies ranging in age from their 20s-50s, all beautiful, ready for a relationship …

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Busy KC Professional? Chances Are You Are Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

It’s Time To Call Kansas City Professional Singles, It's Time To Call Midwest Matchmaking

There is a certain stage in life when it just doesn’t make sense anymore to rely on the same old tactics to meet other singles. During college, the bar scene or the local coffee shop may have been “the place” to meet other eager singles who were also looking for a date. Some singles meet at church, or the supermarket or by happenstance as they go about their lives.

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Midwest Matchmaking’s 5 Reasons to Date Outside your Comfort Zone

where to meet single women in kansas city

Our Midwest Matchmaking Cupids know that when our clients have tossed their list, your options quadruple. Once you’re open to more tastes, you will automatically be open to more experiences…and, new people. One of those, you might even fall in love with! Fight the temptation to “label.” Plenty of connections start out platonically, or with  …

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Midwest Matchmaking Explains the “I’m Not Ready for a Relationship” Excuse

where to meet singles in des moines

Midwest Matchmaking clients complain to us every so often, that a match they were really excited about and felt they hit it off with, told them at the close of their date, or even several months in, “I’m just not ready for a relationship.” Clearly, for singles hiring a Midwest matchmaker for the sole purposes …


Do Politics Guide Your Dating Decisions? Des Moines Area Singles are Likely to Check Out Your Political Leanings Before Making a Connection

How Young Professionals in the Midwest Date Smart

Des Moines is at the center of much political debate, from the primaries each year to the dating scene. More than ever before, Midwest Matchmaking finds Des Moines singles asking “which side of the aisle?” before they’ll even agree to meet a potential match. In fact, Midwest singles aren’t the only ones who are putting political values at the top of the list of “deal breakers” – even rising above “great sex” in the list of relationship must haves.