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3 Tips to Help Men Not Suck at Dating

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Midwest Matchmaking has a pretty simple solution to the thousands of single men in Omaha who come to us looking for help being more successful in dating: Confidence. A confident man lands dates and conducts them with authority. An insecure man seems to whisper, “Just ignore me—I’m nothing special.” Our Omaha matchmakers firmly believe that …

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KC Single, Have You Been Told You Are “Too Picky” In Seeking A KC Life Partner?

It’s Time To Call Kansas City Professional Singles, It's Time To Call Midwest Matchmaking

If only you were as lucky in love as you seem to have been in business. Are we right? For successful professionals, this is often the case. Spending so much time in the boardroom leaves little time for anything else, especially building satisfying and long-term relationships.

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Midwest Matchmaking’s June Bachelors of the Month

single women in sioux falls

It’s that time again, Omaha singles. Our local matchmakers are here to discuss a huge aspect of your dating parameters that might be keeping you single for longer than your fabulous self should be. And that is: limiting yourself on the distance you are open to traveling to meet a great match. Think about it: …

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Des Moines Single Hacks for Arranging A Lunch Date That Doesn’t Seem Rushed

where to meet singles in nebraska

You are a professional Des Moines area single. As matchmakers running a professional dating service in Des Moines, we understand that your time is often the biggest roadblock standing between you and the quality dates we arrange. If the only time slot you have available on your busy calendar is over lunch, how can you possibly make a meaningful connection?

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Midwest Matchmaking’s How Self-Love Leads to True Love

low self esteem fixes

As relationship experts at Midwest Matchmaking, we understand that having a healthy self-esteem is a prerequisite for a healthy relationship. Without self-love, we’re not capable of truly loving others. But why this connection is so crucial is what many singles in Omaha aren’t familiar with. Midwest Matchmaking on Omaha singles dealing with low self-esteem There is …

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Wanted In Kansas City: Smart, Successful And Elegant Life Partner For Exclusive Dating Relationship

Are you a Kansas City professional looking for love? Midwest Matchmaking can help!

As a successful and single Kansas City professional, finding someone who can navigate in the same social circles where you spend your time can be difficult. The expectations of a high-profile lifestyle aren’t simple or well-defined and finding other singles who can walk confidently beside you in these situations isn’t as easy as downloading an app or taking out an advertisement in the Kansas City Star.

Midwest Matchmaking in Kansas City provides exclusive dating and matchmaking services, specializing in connecting highly successful singles with others who share similar backgrounds and possess the level of social sophistication required to navigate confidently in any situation.

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When The IPO Sizzles, But Your Love Life Fizzles: Business Success Can Create Challenging Relationship Woes

handsome professional executive des moines single

Pouring every ounce of effort into building a business means long hours, sleepless nights, meetings upon meetings – you know, the kind of personal sacrifice that can really take a toll on personal relationships, or even the ability to find a meaningful relationship for that matter.

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Midwest Matchmaking’s May Bachelorettes

single ankeny women

It’s that time again, Omaha singles, where the Cupids of Midwest Matchmaking spotlight our beautiful, professional, serious-minded single ladies looking for their love.  If you’re single yourself, or know a lovely gentleman who might be interested in one of these clients of ours, and fit what they are looking for, shoot us an email or …

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If Love was a Business Strategy, What Advice Would You Give Yourself?

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Over the years, Midwest Matchmaking has worked with many successful professionals in the Kansas City area who needed a just a little help finding the right kind of partner for the lifestyle they’ve built. From the outside looking in, one might think that success in business automatically means similar success in finding a relationship, but that typically isn’t the case and for a few good reasons.

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Midwest Matchmaking’s 5 Ways to Date as a Single Parent

how to meet single parents in omaha

Dating is a minefield, no matter what situation you’ve found yourself in, and Midwest Matchmaking knows it can be incredibly daunting to open yourself up to love in Omaha. But dating as a single parent, suddenly, things can feel even more overwhelming.  Singles in Omaha who have kids might feel a stigma attached to the …