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Matchmaking in the Twin Cities

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Bringing Singles Together in the Twin Cities

We all want to find that person. That safe space. The one you can count on to give you the last French fry. But dating these days can feel incredibly overwhelming.

Whether you’ve just jumped into the dating pool, are dating after divorce, or are just tired of awkward encounters, we can help you meet singles within a safe, quality dating experience in the Twin Cities area.

Offering Guidance

At Midwest Matchmakers, we turn the typical dating service into a personalized set of steps that gets you closer and closer to finding the love of your life. We fit our service to your comfort with different matchmaking memberships available in the Twin Cities. Dating service memberships can vary depending on how involved you want to be with your matchmakers.

If you want a more passive approach to simply set you up with a profile and picture, then we would love to help you put your best foot forward. But if you want active guidance to coach you every step of the way through your dating journey, then the Twin Cities’ top matchmakers are ready to take that ride with you.

Building Relationships

As the top dating service in the Twin Cities, our process is centered on building relationships. But the first relationship we focus on is the one with you and your matchmaker. Over the course of meeting your matchmaker, setting up your profile, and arranging one-on-one sessions, they will become your personal dating coach that can guide you through every match, introduction, and first date. Then they follow along your journey with you for advice and feedback.

Creating Opportunities

Sometimes, all you need is an opportunity. Along with our professional dating services in the Twin Cities, our singles events are safe places where people can take heart in knowing that the room full of people are wanting the same things. To meet someone, have a conversation, and make a connection. You may find your soulmate, or maybe your next best friend. Everything is possible when you’re given the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone!

Encouraging Joy

Why choose us? Because dating is supposed to be fun! And we take that to heart in offering support and solutions that take the guesswork out of finding singles so you can focus on getting to meet and connect with all the interesting people in the Twin Cities area. Singles Event. Dating Coaching. Carefully curated matchmaking. We offer a complete complement of dating services.

Get Started!

Everyone deserves to find their person. Contact the premier matchmakers in the Twin Cities so we can help you in your search with a complimentary consultation.

Get Started!

If you are single and ready to meet someone with whom you can have a committed relationship with, contact us today. Each of our Members have different goals in mind, which we can discuss when you set up your complimentary consultation.