The Matchmaking Process

The process of becoming a Midwest Matchmaking Member is easy. Fill out your information on your desired membership route, and Courtney will contact you to set up your complimentary consultation.

How to Become a Member of Midwest Matchmaking
# Midwest Matchmaking Apps/Online Dating Other Dating Services
Work with a Matchmaker Yes, our matchmakers bring over 25 years of combined experience in the dating industry, and hand-select each of your matches. No, you spend hours swiping and searching through endless profiles. Not really. They have a contact person they call a matchmaker, but is really just a customer service representative.
Personal Date Facilitator Yes, we arrange the day and time of every date we set. No, you do all the work yourself. No, they give you contact info and leave it up to you to set it.
Date Feedback Yes, we use this to fine-tune the matching process. No, you will never know why you were “ghosted.” No
Current Photos of Your Date Yes, we take one of each client. Unknown No, they only do blind dates.
Criminal Background Checks Yes No Yes
BBB Accredited Yes, we have an A rating. No No
Singles Events Yes No No
Franchised No. We are 100% local. Yes Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though it is one of the world's oldest professions, and can be found in many cultures across the world, Matchmaking still is a new concept to today's singles. Here are some common questions people have about our matchmaking services.

  • What makes Midwest Matchmaking different from other services? We allow you to see photos and profiles so you can ultimately decide if you're attracted to someone before you accept a date. Not only that, we also get to know each of our clients through our one-of-a-kind screening process. We are dating experts, offering men’s and women's dating advice leading to successful relationships throughout the Midwest for over a decade.
  • How much do your services cost? We have different levels of membership that we offer, so it really depends on which matchmaking services best suit you. Some of our packages are comparable in price to online dating sites, and others increase in price but are far below the cost of most national matchmaking services. We never let finances get in the way of us working with someone who will be an asset to our organization.
  • Do you limit the number of matches I recieve? No. Matches are unlimited, sent one at a time, and we set dates at your convenience based on the schedule you provide us. However, we don't promise or guarantee a certain number since we cannot say how many matches there may be for you at any given time. Your Matchmaker will only suggest what could be called a fully qualified and screened potential match for both sides.
  • What kinds of people do you work with? We work with all ages from 25+. We screen our clients to make sure they are stable (emotionally and financially), ready to start dating, and have no criminal history. Our dating experts work with a diverse group of singles varying in age, ethnicity, career paths, and life passions, who all have the common goal of seeking someone to share life with.
  • If I become a Platinum Member, how does recruiting work? We have recruiters who are always seeking high-quality singles through many different avenues, including events, networking, and digital searches. When they meet singles that would be a good fit for a client, an interview is scheduled to screen them for membership.

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