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The Midwest Matchmaking Process

What to Expect with Our Professional Dating Services

Step 1. Sign up for the membership that suits your needs.

Step 2. Meet with a matchmaker face-to-face to discuss your relationship history and set goals and expectations. At this point, we perform screenings and background checks on all of our clients.

Step 3. Set up a photoshoot with one of our professional photographers for your dating profile headshots.

Step 4. Assign you to a matchmaker for a session to get to know you on a deeper level so we can personalize every step of this process to what’s best for your relationship goals.

Step 5. Create your dating profile. You will fill out the details but we’re there with you to ensure that it looks the best and truly reflects your personality.

Step 6. Set you up for your first date! Once we have selected a match and scheduled a time and date that works for both parties, our professional dating coaches will arrange for a casual phone call between you and your match before the date for introductions. We also make it a priority to keep the first date relaxed with a coffee or drinks date.

Step 7. After the date, we will reconvene for feedback or a Q&A for our clients to fill out. Then you can decide whether to further your dating journey with that match or keep looking for the one.

Find Out What Everyone is Asking About The Best Matchmaking Service in the Twin Cities!

What should I expect on the first “date”?

Well, try not to think of this as a typical “date”- think of it as an introduction to see if you want to go on a date. As the best matchmaking service in the Twin Cities, sound dating coaching and advice are all we give. We only want you to plan to have drinks on the first date, or maybe an appetizer to share if you are both hungry. NEVER PLAN FOR DINNER ON A FIRST DATE! There are many reasons for this, and you can discuss them with your matchmaker if needed.

Should I text my date?

NO! As the Twin Cities’ top professional dating coaches, we encourage good old-fashioned, face-to-face conversation. Texting too much or not enough is a common complaint we see from Members, so we just say avoid it altogether until you two have been out a few times. Things like “I’m running a few minutes behind,” or “Thanks for a fun evening, it was nice to meet you,” are perfectly ok, but don’t get into lengthy conversations.

What happens when I want to see someone exclusively?

Please notify us that you would like to do so, so we do not match you with anyone else. We remain the best matchmaking service in the Twin Cities by maintaining our integrity. If for some reason things don’t work out, again, let us know. Just try to keep us in the loop as much as possible.

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