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Twin Cities Dating Coach

Your Hands-On Dating Coach in Twin Cities

In Your Corner   

Have you ever wished for a small dating fairy to perch on your shoulder and give you advice? Like a Jiminy Cricket of Love.


Well, even though we can’t perch on your shoulder, our team of expert matchmakers and dating coaches in the Twin Cities are in your corner every step of the way while you find your happily ever after.


With our matchmaking and dating coaching services, you get a professional matchmaker and love coach, giving you first date advice and honest after-date feedback to help you gain confidence with every coaching session. We are also expert dating profile writers and can help you put your best foot forward.

  • With You, Every Step of The Way   

    As we get to know you and your relationship goals, we will strategize how to help you reach those dreams.

    Our 1:1 coaching sessions are invaluable for future success in mind. During these sessions, you and your dating coach will discuss active steps forward to encourage growth in your interpersonal skills that will help you thrive on all your dates.

    Not a client but still want help meeting singles in the Twin Cities? Our dating coaches offer 1:1 sessions to all singles who just need their own Jiminy Cricket of Love.

  • Rates

    One 40-minute Session $169

    Three 40-minute Sessions $399

    Five 40-minute Sessions $799

    Seven 40-minute Sessions $999

  • By Your Side   

    First impressions are important! That’s why we’ve tailored our Ringer program to help every single start their dating journey on the right foot. The Ringer program, like our matchmaking memberships, can vary depending on how involved you want your coach to be in your dating profile. We’ve helped hundreds of singles in the Twin Cities become better dating profile writers. With the Ringer, you receive services like: • A headshot taken by a professional photographer. • Professionally written dating profile. • Coaching sessions that ensure the entirety of your bio shines with your personality
  • Inquire About Coaching

    Learn more about Love Coaching with the Twin Cities'
    best dating coaches at Midwest Matchmakers Rather call?
    *Please only inquire about our services if you are serious about dating and finding a lasting relationship. You also must be gainfully employed, with no felonies on your criminal record.