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Singles in the Midwest

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Midwest Matchmaking uses its one-of-a-kind process to help singles in the Midwest find genuine love by matching singles from the heartland with like-minded individuals. Singles in the Midwest are unique, holding true to Midwestern values that aren’t appreciated just anywhere. If you’re single and live in the heartland of the country—the true Midwestern states of Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, and Minnesota—then you’re in the perfect location to meet someone who shares your values.

While the Midwest might evoke images of wheatfields and cornstalks, lasting, meaningful relationships have been sparked in the cities and counties of the great heartland. The Midwest’s hometown atmosphere has a lot to offer singles who are searching for their special someone!

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Something for Everyone

While Midwest city life doesn’t have the crowds and amenities found in New York City or Los Angeles, our great cities boast a variety of activities and dating options to suit all personalities. From museums and boutique shops to camping and fishing, Midwest cities offer exciting opportunities for singles to relax and enjoy their time together as they get to know each other. Whether a sports fan, outdoor enthusiast, or someone who enjoys a variety of interests, Midwestern singles will never be at a loss for the ideal date location. The Midwest is also home to a variety of professionals in the world of IT, call center operations, the medical field, professional and collegiate sports, and those with the true entrepreneurial spirit. Whatever your personal interests, there’s someone in the Midwest waiting to share them with you!

In the Midwest, singles have opportunities to lounge under the sun or frolic in the snow. Our outdoor activities are second to none and provide year-round entertainment for outdoor lovers.

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