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Alison David COO/Matchmaker

Alison was born and raised in Omaha, and she earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Nebraska, where psychology and behavior was an area that greatly interested her. She has been matchmaking professionally since 2010, but Alison has been setting friends up on dates as long as she can remember. She attributes this skillset to her parents, who both loved to set up friends and family members, making her a second generation matchmaker. Her natural ability to read people has led to many of her clients meeting their match on their very first date!

Alison is a Senior Matchmaker and also Chief of Operations, where she keeps an eye on all the clients to make sure that they are on the path to success. She also works to build and maintain the client base through creative marketing strategies, branding and networking. She co-founded Midwest Matchmaking with Courtney in 2017, and always looks for new and innovative ways for the company to work with singles.

Alison is married to her husband, John, and is a mother to four children (including twins!) who keep life very lively. They enjoy traveling, being outside and staying active, and are close with their families.

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