Lisa Smith Senior Matchmaker

Becoming a professional matchmaker and dating coach in 2015 was a natural career move for Lisa, as she has been the go-to person for many family and friends who’ve needed advice throughout her life. Lisa studied at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Relationships. Prior to her graduation, she completed a capstone research project on the impact of social media on romantic relationships. As someone who began dating when social media first became popular with millennials, she empathizes with younger daters, and the issues social media can bring to dating relationships in today’s world.

In addition to being a Senior Matchmaker, Lisa is the Social Media Coordinator, where she creates and curates all of the content used to promote the company.

Lisa currently lives in Omaha with her husband Isaac and their three children. She likes to travel as often as possible, but she’s always happy to return home to spend time with family and friends, read, and check out Omaha’s various events.

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