Michaela Brown Matchmaker

Michaela’s journey to becoming a matchmaker and dating coach began while she was creating clarity in her romantic life and feeling inspired by what she learned while manifesting her own relationship reality, following her divorce. In addition to being a matchmaker, Michaela offers dating and relationship coaching centered on cultivating self care, self love, self development, self mastery, and masculine and feminine energy polarity. Her guidance is infused with compassion, nurturing care, attentive listening, positive inspiration, and personalized recommendations for your dating life or relationship.

Michaela is also a Clinical Herbalist, RH (AHG), Reiki Master, Registered Yoga Teacher, Birth Doula, and owner of a local medicinal tea company. She has helped clients heal and transform their lives since 2016.

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Michaela has a unique, cultured perspective from living all over the world for her former humanitarian career, including Africa, South America, Central America, and along the U.S. West Coast.

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