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3 Reasons why Paying for a Matchmaker Won’t get you “Better” Dates

16 Nov 2018

If there’s one thing that dating coaches in the Midwest run into often with their most challenging clients is that because their dating clients are paying for a Midwest matchmaker, they believe it entitles them to “better” than who they would meeting on their own.

While it is true that meeting local singles who are looking for a love connection is more readily available when working with a local matchmaker, that does not mean that every one of these clients are going to be your type…or vice versa.

What hiring a Midwest matchmaking service does is guarantee your safety and parameters when sourcing matches for you. What this does not entail is your own personal fairy god mother with a magic wand who can suddenly make the Channing Tatum doppelgänger fall in love with you. The only thing professional matchmakers in Sioux Falls can do is put you in front of the right matches, but the rest is ultimately up to you.

What this means is being accountable for being the most marketable – and not putting the blame on anyone if the expectation does not fit the reality. If smoking is a turn off to most singles (and it is in our business!), and you are being rejected from your top choices because of it, then quit! If your match wants a more athletic body type but you haven’t hit a gym in a decade, join one! If your perfect man doesn’t want to date a woman with kids, and you have three little ones at home, move on…he wasn’t the right fit for you anyway.

Professional relationship advice from our Sioux Falls matchmakers says this: evolve, find ways to improve in areas that are causing you rejection, insecurity or pain. Do the work, make the commitment and be the best version of yourself you can be in whatever way that means for you and the person you are hoping to fall in love with. But know your local dating market first before seeking a love connection. Do your research on the demographics in your area, gauge the number of singles, scour the areas that are attracting them, and scope out what is working for others. Think of it as the most important school research project you’ve ever encountered and tackle it head on.

Therefore, without further ado, our professional dating coaches and local matchmakers ask you to heed the following three reasons why paying for a professional matchmaker in Sioux Falls will not guarantee you dates who are any better than you could get out there on your own:

  1. We Cannot Make the Person of Your Dreams Fall in Love with You…No Matter How Hard We Try

OK…we don’t make it a business practice to ever force someone on another person, but even if we did, certain singles have their preferences, and if you’re not it….there’s not much we can do to change that. We can offer you some suggestions, like losing weight, quitting cigarettes or being more open minded on a parameter you’ve deemed a “deal breaker”, but beyond that, your dating matchmaker isn’t your own personal miracle worker.

  1. Your Expectations May Not Meet the Reality

If you think that putting money into a service is going to guarantee an outcome that is significantly different than what is happening in your usual dating practice, then you will be disappointed. The reality is that hiring a matchmaking service in the Midwest will not fix what needs fixing in yourself, it won’t make you more attractive to candidates, and it won’t mean someone normally out of your normal dating league will suddenly be in it. What Midwest Matchmaking’s professional dating coaches can do however, is offer guidance and advice on how to work on anything that needs work (because, let’s face it – we all do), and how to help you be more successful at dating the types you truly want to date. Yes, matchmaking agencies do have better quality candidates, but it takes some work on your part as well.

  1. Matchmakers Do Not Have Magic Wands

If you have a checklist a mile long regarding your partner’s perfect qualities, that you will not compromise on, then you’re not going to be very successful – either through a local matchmaker nor on your own. Our professional matchmakers suggest limiting your deal breakers and must-haves to three each, and being open minded to the rest. Love comes in interesting packages sometimes, and chemistry is not an amalgam of qualities written down on a piece of paper. Chemistry only happens (or doesn’t) when you meet someone face to face, and hear them talk, notice the way they laugh, how they treat you, and most importantly, their values. So, if you hire a Sioux Falls matchmaker, let them do their jobs as professionals in a field they know, understand, and have found success in. If you do this and trust the process, you will find that they can find relationship success for you as well.

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