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Should You Date a Younger Des Moines Man? View These Pros and Cons First

19 Mar 2019

The Des Moines singles scene can be challenging, especially if you are an “older” woman. If you ever considered looking beyond your age group, dating a younger man could open your horizons in some very positive ways.

A younger DMS single man will generally arrive with a lot less baggage, a sex drive more likely to align with your own and will bring unlimited fun to the dating equation. They might also bring a lack of maturity, a lesser degree of financial security and a biological clock that doesn’t match your own.

Pros of Dating a Younger Man

Midwest Matchmaking will tell you the best advice is to enter any relationship with your eyes wide open. Before you venture into “cougar” territory, it is important to understand both the pros and the cons before you invite a younger Des Moines single man to share your life. Read on for some pointers.

Younger single men come with less baggage

They haven’t been around long enough to accumulate some of the things their older counterparts may have in tow: the fallout of financial missteps; a houseful of children; preconceived notions about women and relationships. You get the idea.

Younger men reach their sexual prime somewhere in their twenties

Yep, here’s a definite benefit that you can file in the “pro” column due to the way their bodies produce testosterone, while women typically reach theirs much later (in their 30s or 40s). Who knew compatibility could be so fun? And, no added expense for any little blue pills necessary.

Younger singles have more energy for adventures

Someone younger can also make you feel and act more youthful when you join them in the activities they enjoy. Spending time outdoors, attending concerts or other adventurous activities that you may have thought you had to give up with an older partner are all on the table when dating a younger Des Moines single.

Cons of Dating a Younger Man in Des Moines

They lack life experience that comes with maturity

Having a lack of baggage can also mean an absence of relationship experience, which can emerge as communication issues and a lack of problem-solving or conflict resolution skills. Lack of maturity, whether you are a Midwest resident or located somewhere else, can come out in ways that may be problematic in any relationship.

Sex may be all that is on their list

Sure, sex may be more frequent (or even better) but is that going to be the entire basis for your relationship? If you enter a relationship with a younger local single man, make sure there is more to the partnership than what happens in the bedroom.

Younger aged men may not offer financial security for the luxury you like

You may be out enjoying a hike because he doesn’t have the means to treat you to a Michelin-rated chef dinner. Financial insecurity could be an issue when dating a younger Des Moines single man.

Hire The Des Moines Dating Service That Cares About You

Midwest Matchmaking relationship coaches will be the first to say that age has no number when it comes to creating successful couples. As professional dating matchmakers, we would tell you to migrate to those types of people who make you feel alive, appreciated and content. If that means you and a younger local single are ready to meet and discuss relationship possibilities, you shouldn’t let the date on their driver’s license scare you away. Call us at (515) 414-3536 and let us help you find genuine love.