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Long-Lasting Love – 4 Ingredients For A Healthy Relationship

15 Oct 2021

At Midwest Matchmaking, we work closely with Des Moines singles to understand their relationship goals and help them find their perfect partner. We genuinely care about every one of our clients and want to ensure that we connect them with the most compatible singles in Des Moines possible. Through our award-winning matchmaking services, we have been able to match countless with their true love, and we can do the same for you!

Most singles in Des Moines are searching for a long-lasting, meaningful, and healthy relationship when looking for love. While it might take some time to achieve this ultimate dating goal, with help from our expert dating coaches and matchmakers, you will have every chance of finding your soul mate. Before you start meeting other Des Moines singles, it’s essential to take a moment to consider what precisely a long-lasting, healthy relationship looks like to you and what boxes you need to tick to satisfy your relationship goals.

Below, we outline four essential ingredients that most will agree are vital to any long-term healthy relationship.

Des Moines Singles Crave Great Communication

Communication is an essential element of any successful relationship. When meeting other singles in Des Moines for the first time, you need to ensure that you can talk openly and feel comfortable enough to engage with whoever might be sitting across from you. As time goes on and your relationship develops further, healthy communication is critical to growing together.

Whether you have good news, bad news worries, or wins to talk about, you need to ensure that your partner will always be there for you to lend an ear without judgment. Life is full of challenging moments, and being in a long-term relationship will require you to share these tough times as a couple and face them together to try to find a solution. As professional matchmakers, we can tell you that communication is key in this regard, and without it, you can be sure that your relationship will never stand the test of time.

Be “Equals”

In every relationship, it’s good for both people to be viewed as, and to feel like, equals. One person should not dominate the relationship as this will throw the entire relationship off course, making one person feel like that they are less important as time goes on. At Midwest Matchmaking, our dating coaches advise our clients to ensure they feel like an equal when meeting other Des Moines singles for the first time. If your date takes control, doesn’t let you talk, or fails to respect your opinion, this is never a good sign as to what the future might hold.

Although there will, of course, be times when you need to lean on your partner, a loving relationship should not cause one party to feel guilty because they have to step up. Instead, empathy and compassion should prevail through difficult times.

Trust Is Crucial

We are firm believers that trust is the foundation of any long-term healthy relationship. Without trust, you can be sure that, over time, your connection will implode. Whether it’s worrying about your partner being unfaithful or doubting that they will follow through on whatever promise they made to you, not being able to have faith in your partner is a sure sign that your relationship is going in the wrong direction.

When our dating team at Midwest Matchmaking connects you with compatible singles in Des Moines, and you meet for the first time, you will very quickly get a feel for whether you can trust the individual you are meeting or not. We all have a built-in trust radar that helps us detect moments of doubt in someone else’s character. If you find it hard to believe your date’s stories, you feel like they are keeping secrets, hiding things, or holding back; these are usually telltale signs that they are not to be trusted. When meeting other singles in Des Moines, be honest forthcoming and try to be an open book to ensure that your date sees that they can trust you.

Healthy Conflicts

While we might all have utopian visions of meeting that one Des Moines single, falling in love, and being together forever, this is not the case. If you never have an argument or disagreement with your partner, this is often a sign of an unhealthy relationship rather than a perfectly healthy one.

Conflict does not mean that your relationship is entirely toxic. Conflict can successfully be used to alleviate concerns, worries, and frustrations that might be holding your relationship back, and once they are resolved, you and your partner’s connection will be even stronger as a result.

Find Long-Lasting Love With The Help Of Midwest Matchmaking

Starting today, ensure that you meet Des Moines singles that you have every chance of falling madly in love with. Contact our matchmakers for a free consultation. With our help, you can start meeting compatible singles ready to make a genuine connection.