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Why Choose Midwest Matchmakers in Twin Cities? 

Matchmakers With a Personal Touch

Even with all the dating apps and social media platforms, dating can feel very isolated. The Twin Cities’ top dating agency provides you with the support of a friend but the advice of a dating expert.

As the leading matchmaking company in the Twin Cities, our dating experts want you to think of us as a personal trainer for your love life. Sure, you can download the apps or go on blind dates, but with Midwest Matchmakers, you get a team of expert matchmakers who will tailor our strategy to suit your relationship goals.

  • No swiping
  • No wondering if that’s your date’s real picture
  • No unwarranted DMs

You get a professional dating agency that introduces you to singles in the Twin Cities area that share your vision for a romantic future.

Expert Advice

Our Twin Cities’ dating experts combine our 30+ years of experience, a database of potential matches, and a screening process to provide a quality, safe dating experience for every client.

Every matchmaker at the top dating agency in the Twin Cities gets to know their clients on a personal level through introductions, face-to-face sessions, and post-date feedback discussions. This helps our dating experts gather all the information we need to not only find you the perfect match but improve your dating experience as we move forward.

Keeping It Local

We care about you because we care about our neighbors. Midwest Matchmaking started in Omaha and even though it’s grown to include the Twin Cities, our matchmaking company still manages to keep it local! As a local Midwest business, we want every member of our community to thrive and create new experiences.

Our prices reflect that personal, local feel by being more affordable than dating franchises at the national level.

See For Yourself!

Call the Twin Cities’ top dating agency today for a complimentary consultation with an expert matchmaker. You can discuss questions, and membership details, and set expectations for how you can benefit from professional dating experts in the Twin Cities.

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