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Twin Cities First Date Advice – 4 Conversation Starters To Help You Feel At Ease

31 Aug 2021

Midwest Matchmaking, a leading matchmaking company in the Twin Cities, offers dating advice for first dates so you can find your perfect match! First dates can be overwhelming, nerve-wracking, and challenging for all singles, especially if you have been out of the dating game for a while. Meeting someone new for the first time is typically equal parts excitement and apprehension. Still, it’s important to remember that this is completely normal for singles in the Twin Cities area, and we can assure you that you are not alone.

Preparing for a first date ahead of time and having a few tricks up your sleeve to help you cope with any perceived challenges is always a smart idea. Many of our singles who have successfully found love have reported that one of their biggest fears was the potential of dreaded awkward silence when meeting other singles in the Twin Cities. Before you step out into the dating scene in search of that special someone, be sure to have some simple conversation starters in mind that will ensure that the conversation is free-flowing, engaging, and fun when you meet your date.

Below, our expert matchmakers outline some simple conversation starters that are guaranteed to help you feel at ease on any first date.

Tell Me About Your Week

The key to keeping the conversation flowing when you’re heading out into the the Twin Cities dating scene in the hopes of finding love is to ask leading questions that will encourage discussion. Asking your date “How was your day?” can often lead to a quick one-word answer, followed by the question immediately reflecting on you. For a more interesting conversation, ask your date to tell them about how their week has been so far. Our matchmakers recommend a leading question like this as not only will it give your date a chance to talk more, but it also has the potential to give you a little insight into who they are, how they spend their time, and what they are interested in. A snapshot of your date’s week can tell you a lot about them without the need to be too direct.

Ask About Their Dream Travel Destination

Asking Twin Cities singles about where they would travel if they could go anywhere in the world is a great conversation starter. The destinations they mention might be somewhere you have been to, immediately giving you plenty to talk about. However, the key here is to focus on the details of what they are discussing. You may never have visited the places they have been to, or you may never even have left the country. However, there’s a good chance that you tried a new experience, tasted an exciting cuisine you had never tried before, watched a documentary or a movie, or faced a challenge with something new in your life. Finding a way to relate to your date’s travel experiences is a great way to find common ground and keep the conversation flowing naturally with a straightforward conversation starter.

Discuss The Menu

Although it may seem mundane, at Midwest Matchmaking, we encourage our singles to discuss what they are going to order with their date. Everybody eats and has an opinion on food. What’s more, most people love to share stories about their favorite restaurants, the best dishes they have tried, or how good, or bad, they are in the kitchen. When you’re meeting other Twin Cities singles on a first date, ask them about what they like on the menu, why they chose the dish they ordered, or what they are thinking about ordering for dessert. Food is a common language amongst us all and is a great way to keep the chat going on your first dates.

What Would I Never Guess About You?

If you want to be a little mischievous or flirtatious to get the conversation started, asking a simple question like “what would I never guess about you?” is a great question to have in your back pocket. Our matchmakers recommend this conversation starter to singles in the Twin Cities area, while it might be perceived as a little bold, it gives your date the freedom to be as open and forthcoming or as shy and secretive as they like. How they answer this question can tell you a lot about their personality while also giving you the chance to ask follow-up questions, find common ground and share a little secret of your own to help build trust and create a spark of intrigue from the outset.

Preparing For Your Date Ahead Of Time Can Make You Feel Relaxed & At Ease

At Midwest Matchmaking, we understand that meeting other Twin Cities singles for the first time can often be overwhelming. Simply preparing ahead of time, you can ensure that the conversation flows naturally, allowing you to feel more relaxed and at ease on your date. Contact our matchmakers at Midwest Matchmaking if you are looking to connect with compatible singles and have all of the support you need when venturing out into the Twin City dating scene. You can have every chance of making a real connection with other singles when you’ve got our matchmakers in your corner!